Your Photographer in Los Angeles: Meet Penny

Meet Penny

Your Photographer in Los Angeles: Meet Penny

Penny requires minimum 60-minute bookings.

Inspired by Mother Earth's natural beauty, my style is fresh, fun and about finding the sweetness in the simple things. I've been a waitress, surf instructor, dive master and have facilitated cleanses at healing retreats. Now as a photographer all of those job skills and experiences come into play in some way, whether through people skills, human connection, attention to details, gentle direction, and compassion. These days my focus has been on photography because it is simply one of my greatest loves and one of my favorite mediums of artful expression.

Three Things

  1. I love surfing, snowboarding, doing yoga, boxing, dancing, going out for great healthy food and good live music, or on a road trip or on a anywhere inspiring and beautiful, near and far.
  2. I couldn't live without new experiences that push me to learn, grow and love life just a little bit more. INSPIRATION!
  3. A friend recently told me that she loves that I have an inner reservoir of joy and see the world with eyes of wonder and adventure.

Favourite Place to Shoot in LA
By the ocean, always.

Languages Spoken
English and conversational Cambodian