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The Big Smoke is Canada's largest city, and has endless options for those with an insatiable appetite for culture and entertainment. World-class galleries, restaurants, boutiques and events are all on offer in one of T.O.'s multi-faceted neighbourhoods. Every fall, Toronto hosts TIFF, one of the most-coveted tickets for those in the film industry and those who wanna-be. Give yourself time to explore Toronto, and finish your day at the good old hockey game. 

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Tracey and Bi's Portfolio
Tracey and Bi's Portfolio - Image 1
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Tracey and Bi's Portfolio - Image 3
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Tracey and Bi's Portfolio - Image 12
Tracey and Bi

I am a wedding and lifestyle fine art photographer with a creative approach. I tend to shoot the airy, filmy look giving photographs a timeless look. I am an avid traveler who has been to many countries around the world because I love connecting with new people to share stories and experiences. I love exploring new places, as well as introducing tourists to the great city that I live in.

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Jenn's Portfolio
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 1
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 2
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 3
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 4
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 5
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 6
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 7
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 8
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 9
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 10
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 11
Jenn's Portfolio - Image 12

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and always looking forward to traveling and documenting (love) stories around the globe. I enjoy connecting and documenting life's milestones and different seasons of life. Just recently, a client described my work as a connection portrait and I can't be more specific on my work than those two words. It's important for me that you connect with the person behind the camera before connecting with your surroundings or your loved ones that you're being photographed with. My work can be found on The Wedding Co, Wedding Obsession, Tutu & Fru and Once Wed.

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Navy's Portfolio
Navy's Portfolio - Image 1
Navy's Portfolio - Image 2
Navy's Portfolio - Image 3
Navy's Portfolio - Image 4
Navy's Portfolio - Image 5
Navy's Portfolio - Image 6
Navy's Portfolio - Image 7
Navy's Portfolio - Image 8
Navy's Portfolio - Image 9
Navy's Portfolio - Image 10
Navy's Portfolio - Image 11
Navy's Portfolio - Image 12

I am a photography ninja fuelled by sushi! (Ok, I'm not really a ninja but a full-time wedding and portrait photographer who loves to jump!) My style of photography is natural and fun; however, if the opportunity arises, I love to throw in a little drama and a touch of Vanity Fair to a photo shoot. My work has appeared in a number of publications including Wedding Bells, Bowens Litebook, TCHAD, Chloe and JPG Magazine.

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Janice's Portfolio
Janice's Portfolio - Image 1
Janice's Portfolio - Image 2
Janice's Portfolio - Image 3
Janice's Portfolio - Image 4
Janice's Portfolio - Image 5
Janice's Portfolio - Image 6
Janice's Portfolio - Image 7
Janice's Portfolio - Image 8
Janice's Portfolio - Image 9

I'm a lover of tea, macarons, silly jokes and a good story. I wear my heart on my sleeve. The only things I collect are passport stamps, photos, letters and books. If I wasn't a photographer, I'd probably be a full-time traveler or travel writer. I'd probably pick ocean over mountains but I'd prefer to have both.  My photos tend to have an intimate, genuine and clean feel to them. To me, photography is about telling stories, and the photos should reflect who you are and your connections with your loved ones. My work has been featured on sites like The Wedding Co., Wedding Obsession and Moment Junkie.

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Monika's Portfolio
Monika's Portfolio - Image 1
Monika's Portfolio - Image 2
Monika's Portfolio - Image 3
Monika's Portfolio - Image 4
Monika's Portfolio - Image 5
Monika's Portfolio - Image 6
Monika's Portfolio - Image 7
Monika's Portfolio - Image 8
Monika's Portfolio - Image 9
Monika's Portfolio - Image 10
Monika's Portfolio - Image 11
Monika's Portfolio - Image 12

My main goal as a photographer is to capture candid and organic moments and make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. I love to travel and I know how important it is to have great photos from places which we visited!

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Explore Iconic Spots in Toronto

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Leslie's Spit; Graffiti Alley; The Distillery District; Sugar Beach; The CN Tower; Harbourfront; Union Station; or your own custom route.

Toronto Points of Interest

  • Leslie's Spit
  • Graffiti Alley
  • The Distillery District
  • Sugar Beach
  • The CN Tower
  • Harbourfront
  • Union Station

Photography Destinations in Toronto