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I'm a freelance photographer, based in Reykjavík and have mainly been shooting for local press and magazines since I started working as a photographer in 2010. My strongest side is doing portraits and catching the moment in events and happenings. I think the most important thing is how you connect with the people involved, knowing when to be a fly on the wall and when to interact and make the subject feel comfortable.

Rakel Ósk

I'm a freelance photographer and my project range has a wide spectrum. I shoot family portraits, editorial subjects, advertisements and corporate content. My background in photography is mainly editorial, where I did everything from gossip and glamour to food and interior. In Iceland I also have a good reputation in pet photography, specializing mainly in dogs.


Iceland based Photographer | Diving & Adventures Seeker. I have over 10 years of experience as a Professional Photographer. Throughout my career, I've explored various photography fields, with a focus on portrait and landscape photography, among others like Underwater and Drones. This diverse experience has enabled me to develop advanced skills and style in both capturing images and post-processing/editing them.

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"I love the ability to peruse and select your photographer and choose your route to make your dream photos a reality. Booking a session has certainly become part of vacation planning at this point and I am already looking forward to the next one."

— Rebecca T
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Velkomin til Reykjavik!

This eclectic and colourful Nordic city houses the majority of the country's population, and is a hub of energy, creativity, and innovation. Pack your swimsuit! Thanks to Reykjavik's volcanos and geothermal activity, natural hot springs are abundant within a short drive from the city, all surrounded by stunning green or rocky landscape. Reykjavik will capture your heart with its generous spirit and natural beauty, and make it a destination to return to time and again.

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