Tired of Mom being stuck behind the camera? So are we.

Too often Mom is the chronicler of family memories, and as a result is missing from the photographs, or sometimes even worse, is reduced to a floating selfie-head. With only 18 summers until our littles are all grown up, capturing those precious memories — with everyone in the frame — becomes increasingly important.

This spring at Flytographer, we are on a mission to get Mom back in the photo. We’ve been running contests for free photo shoots, given away loads of Flytographer credit — and most importantly, engaged in conversations with moms around the globe to learn more about the mom-missing-from-the-photo epidemic: why it happens and why it should change.

While we all have different reasons for avoiding the camera — that extra few pounds (that, by the way, only you can see) or the bad hair day — your kids don’t care about those things. And neither should you. Too often we realize too late that the memories captured on (digital) film become the most cherished family keepsakes, whose value grows exponentially over the years — and generations.

We’ve talked to moms who regret, too late, their own mothers being absent from family photographs. Moms who yearn to see their evolution of motherhood, with their children, in frames. Moms who are ready to be on the walls and in Christmas cards, together with their families.

It’s time for moms to shift their mindset around family photos, because it turns out getting in front of the camera with the family can be a fun bonding experience for everyone (and a great excuse for a new dress!). Going on vacation with the family? The photographers at Flytographer are absolute pros. Not only are they hand-picked for their talent and sparkling personalities, but they will share local tips on what to eat, see and do, engage your camera-shy kids, and make mom feel (and look!) like the absolute goddess she is.

So, press pause. Get in the moment. Do your hair (or don’t). Laugh. Have fun. And let Flytographer capture your family’s vacation memories for generations to look back on.

Let’s get mom back in the photo this summer! Use code FLYTOGRAPHERMOM to get $25 off your booking or gift card purchase until August 1st, 2019.