Unforgettable Family Memories | Singapore Vacation Photographer

A very special request drew SuAnn to Singapore: her grandmother wanted to meet SuAnn's children for the first, and sadly, the last time. With such beautiful and spirited children, we're sure her grandmother felt gratified before she left this world. We were honoured to capture this memorable trip for SuAnn, who says, "You were there during a sensitive time for me and now I will remember it always through photos. Thank you!"  

Her other memories of the trip include "...the sights, smells, and heat of course. Singapore does not disappoint! And truly just walking around the areas where I grew up - with my children taking it all in - was something I have always wanted for them---to see and experience where part of them is from." - SuAnn


The kids look they had a great time, and the tenderness & love between all three of you is beautiful! Thank you for letting us capture and share this very special trip, SuAnn. xo

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