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Planning a surprise proposal on your next holiday and not sure what to pack? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Fill your case with comfortable but stylish clothes. A Barbour vest, Nudie jeans, Culturata knit tie, Denham shirt and Fluevog shoes will keep you sharp without rousing suspicion. One special note: be sure your shirt is long enough to stay tucked into your trousers when you get on bended knee!

  2. Certainly the most important thing to remember is … the RING! Share your values with a conflict-free and ethically sourced diamond from Brilliant Earth or Bashford.

  3. How to get that ring through airport security quietly? Stash it in a pair of socks and include a note for the customs official: “This is an engagement ring for a surprise proposal. Please be discreet! Thank you.” 

  4. Avoid giving away the surprise with ring box pocket bulge! Choose a jacket with so many pockets that she will never guess, or keep it hidden in your wallet with a flat ring case to maximize discretion.

  5. Throw off the scent by packing a camera to your proposal spot … when you start snapping, it’s the perfect cue for your Flytographer to step in while you begin your proposal!

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