Where would you go and what would you do if you had total control of the itinerary?

A solo trip is one of the true great adventures you’ll have and one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Not only do you get to do what you want, when you want, without compromising a single line item on your itinerary, but you’ll get to dust off your high school Italian to negotiate transport between your hotel and the daily market because the cab driver doesn’t speak English, go off-map (because you’ve got nowhere you need to be) and make fast friends with total strangers on that contemporary art tour / cooking class / textile painting lesson you booked on a whim just because it sounded like a bit of fun.

If you’ve been wondering about booking that all-to-yourself vacay to (insert dream destination here), we’re sure our top 10 favourite solo traveller photos below will more than convince you there is no time like the present.

Melany in Cape Town, South Africa

“How did I go from barefoot hippie to a 58-year-old widow who saves the elastic band off the broccoli? Last April I went solo travelling to Amsterdam and stared in awe at the canals and windmills. So many people asked me why I wasn’t afraid to travel alone. This year I went to Cape Town and stood where two oceans meet. As I stood there amidst the ocean spray at the very tip of Africa, I started to cry because I realized I was afraid. I was afraid I had started seeing the world too late and I would run out of time. I can’t thank you enough, Flytographer, for coming with me on my journey. Thank you for chronicling this part of my life. Your photos say ‘I was here and I’m happy.'”

Favourite Memory: “So many! Penguins! Ostriches! Baboons! Standing where two oceans meet! Standing where two oceans meet!”

Inspiration: “Seeing the world. Seeing Africa.”

Carol in Prague, Czech Republic

“Natalie was a pleasure to work with. She was super friendly from first contact pre-shoot, through the shoot and post-shoot with helpful tips and recommendations for my first trip solo in Prague. My photographs bring joy when I view them and really capture my personality and the beautiful city of Prague. I would recommend Natalie every time!”

Jana in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inspiration: “This was a birthday gift to myself and I chose Amsterdam as a city that I always liked, but that I hadn’t visited in a while. The weather forecast was a bit scary, announcing steady rain for the entirety of the trip, but—in a true birthday gift spirit—the rain missed us almost entirely and instead I had an amazing couple of days, even hot and sunny!”

Favourite Memory: “Working with Flytographer Tania was wonderful during the shoot, but I also managed to see a great exhibit by Studio Drift at the Stedelijk Museum that I would recommend to any contemporary art lover, and probably the highlight was getting to see a friend of mine who I had not seen in several years and had not even planned to see—until his plans changed and we were able to meet up!”

Tianna in Bali, Indonesia 

Favourite Memory: “Doing yoga on a platform overlooking the jungle.”

Inspiration: “I was in Bali for a yoga/meditation retreat. I know that nature restores my ‘soul,’ so visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest before my retreat began was a no-brainer.”

Jessica in Cusco, Peru

Favourite Memory: “I made a reservation in the #6 restaurant in the world called Central in Lima. It was an incredible dining experience and even though i did it alone, it was an amazing culinary adventure and I loved every moment of it. The food and the people there were amazing!”

Inspiration: “I took this trip to Peru after my broken engagement for the week of my “Would Have Been” wedding date. (9/21/18). I didn’t want to sit at home and cry, so I decided to book the trip of a lifetime. Machu Picchu has always been on my bucket list to see and I figured an active trip to keep me busy was JUST what I needed. I wanted to visit a place where I wasn’t just laying around inside a resort or in front of constant technology. I wanted to be one with nature. I wanted to see unforgettable sights and I wanted to experience any and everything I could in my 10 days in Peru. This trip filled the void in my broken heart and instead replaced it with memories, new experiences, new friends and SO much more. I am happy to have done it and I have definitely grown because of it. I cannot wait for my next adventure!”

Anand in Paris, France

Favourite Memory: “I know it might sound cliché, but the first time you catch a glimpse of Eiffel Tower from across the banks of Seine River and there it is, I got dazzled. It was too good to be true. The time sort of stood still and I kept looking at Eiffel, just like a lover in the company of his love. And then walking across the galleries in Saint German, seeing the cafes frequented by Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and the famous Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare and Company took my literary inspirations to the next level. No wonder the famous quotes goes: ‘Paris is always a good idea,’ and I know why.”

Inspiration: “Paris had been one of the most fascinating cities and I came across this book, “The light of Paris,” in one of my regular Sunday afternoons browsing through the alleys of my frequently visited local bookstores here. I randomly picked it up. And then I read it three times, over and over again. Eleanor Brown ‘s poetic and emotional description of the city in this fiction made me visualize the city. It made me long for Paris. This twinge was enough for the traveller soul in me to book my adventure there and then.”

Joy Anne in Miami, Florida

“Kristina is an incredibly talented photographer. She captures moments so well and truly has an eye for beauty. I didn’t know what to expect coming in to meet her for the first time, but it was not long before I knew that I was in excellent hands. I trusted her guidance. She knew which locations/backgrounds would work best with my dress, followed the areas with good lighting, switched camera lenses numerous times, and gave me all the directions I needed in order to pose (considering how lost and awkward I thought I was). It was such a pleasure conversing with her throughout the shoot as well. The entire experience turned out to be really fun and memorable for me. I wanted my photos to have a light, airy feel; and most of all, to exude happiness. And I couldn’t be happier with how my photos turned out. One word: AMAZING!”

Donald in Bogatá, Colombia

“Truly enjoyed the photoshoot followed by having the best Colombia meal with Juan at the oldest Colombian restaurant La Puerta Falsa—amazing.”

Favourite Memory: “Touring the different parts of the centre with Juan looking for that perfect shot and on the way we were able to witness the change of the guard at the Presidential Palace which was truly amazing and memorable.”

Inspiration: “I have always been fascinated by Plaza de Bolivia in Bogotá at the centre of the city a plaza that is full of history. Also, La Candelaria is Bogotá’s most beautiful and historic district and was great to have Juan capturing me in the Plaza in some of my Colombian elements such as the sombrero and poncho that made the photos much more interesting and blending, and yet more Instagrammable.”

Anna in Cancun, Mexico

“Flytographer Conie was amazing. I could tell that she was extremely passionate about what she does. Her photographs turned out fun and unique, even better than my high expectations!”

Favourite Memory: “An unforgettable memory from this trip was the feeling of community and sense of home I felt when a group of local friends took in this shy solo traveller and did everything to show me the beauty of Mexico and the genuine hospitality of their people. It’s times like that when you realize how much good there is in the world and how important it is to get out there and find it!”

Inspiration: “My trip to Cancun was inspired by the sense of ultimate freedom that comes along with throwing some clothes in a backpack, grabbing your passport, and heading out to see what adventures the world has in store for you.”

Warachal in Tokyo, Japan

“I was in Tokyo for business and hadn’t had much time to roam around Tokyo. Because of my lack of familiarity of Tokyo, I was flexible with my photo shoot route. Flytographer Waki chose a route that met my interests and was easy to get to. In addition, she was always available for questions. Superior service from start to finish!”

Favourite Memory: “My favourite memories for this trip included the following: 1) Receiving recognition at the scientific conference for training I completed in pharmaceutical medicine, 2) Meeting experts in pharmaceutical medicine from all over the world, as well as the, 3) Flytographer photo shoot!”