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“The trip to Whistler was a family vacation taking advantage of winter break over the holidays. While my husband and I love the mountains and snow, it was our first trip to Whistler together and our daughter’s first trip out of the USA.”

“We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful scenery and piles of snow! Since we’re from Texas, we really loved the idea of family photos in the snow. When choosing our location, we stressed that we would prefer a location with snow and mountains in the background. Our photographer Alanna was careful to set expectations mentioning that it was a likely possibility there wouldn’t be any snow on the ground at that time of year. Well, we couldn’t have asked for more. Not only was there snow, but there was PLENTY of it.”

“The location Alanna recommended was perfect. There were plenty of spots to set up great shots. We have such a large variety of photos, we’re not sure what to do with all of them. There were endless snowball fights and genuine laughter the entire shoot.

“Our photographer Alanna was amazing. She helped us choose the perfect location based on what kind of shots we were looking for. Her personality was so friendly she was able to get to know us quickly and set everyone at ease immediately, especially our seven year-old daughter. (She was also a great sport – even dodging a snowball or two.) The shots were unbelievable – some of the best family photos we have. There were so many great ones to choose from, we still can’t decide what is going up on the wall!”

“I can’t count how many friends and family I have told about Flytographer already. The service is so easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone. Even though our vacation was in another country, we had a smooth and easy experience booking our shoot. Customer service was excellent!” – Melody

 Flytographer:  Alanna in Whistler

Flytographer: Alanna in Whistler

Such amazing family photos, Melody! The joy amongst you three is so lovely. (And you have one stylish little girl – love her red toque and matching jewelled necklace – so chic for a day in the snow!) xo