What is one of the most magical ways to share the joy of travel with tiny travellers? Planning a Christmas market-themed road trip is a pretty great start! Read on for more on this family’s fun holiday adventure.

“My husband and I love Paris. Like we love, LOVE Paris. We also love Christmas markets so we planned a massive Christmas market/Paris road trip with our two boys.

“Starting in Bulgaria (where we’re currently living), we drove to Budapest, from Budapest we went to Nuremberg and from there to Paris. On our drive home, we went to Strasbourg and Zagreb. We also stopped at a few smaller markets along the way. All of it was wonderful and even though it had been a few years since we had been to Paris last, it still had its magic.

“Before having kids, I would imagine going back to Paris with our kids and letting them ride the carousel next to the Eiffel Tower. Watching them ride that carousel was like a dream. It was so special to watch their excitement and joy seeing all of the sights for the first time in the city that my husband and I love so much.” – Katie

 Flytographer:  Gonçalo in Paris

Flytographer: Gonçalo in Paris

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