When you’re proposing abroad, there can be a lot of pieces to coordinate. Thankfully, Ty had a whole team behind his Lisbon proposal to make sure the moment went off without a hitch! See how he surprised longtime love Kate with a proposal in the Alfama neighbourhood you won’t want to miss! 

Kate and Ty’s European trip started as a Christmas morning surprise. The following two months were spent planning their travel itinerary details. Ty, however, was behind the scenes meticulously coordinating an extra special experience for Kate.

When he found the ring, all signs were pointing to too many challenges in travelling with it without Kate discovering it – things like customs, lost luggage and Ty’s general paranoia. Cue Ty’s best friend Blair. Blair wholeheartedly agreed to fly 60 hours collectively, just to help Ty stage his performance and present the ring to Kate in Lisbon.

After London, Paris, Barcelona, and a few cancelled flights and missed trains, Ty and Kate arrived in Lisbon, and secretly so did Blair. Ty’s love for photography was an easy segue into getting to the location where Flytographer Orsi was waiting, pretending to be a tourist.

As they walked up the steps, Ty made a few wide-eyed contact signals to Blair who was hiding behind a ledge with the ring he had travelled across the world with.

Once the secret exchange was made while Kate wasn’t looking, Ty dropped down to one knee and the waterworks began. As Ty told Flytographer, “The moment was 10 seconds or 10 hours, we still can’t tell!” The important part is, she said YES!

If that wasn’t enough to well up about, Ty now pointed for Kate to look around the ledge where she saw Blair waiting with a Cheshire grin. 

“There was a local man playing lovely music on a drum and a sweet elderly lady publicly announced her blessing, wished us a happy future together, and welcomed us into the hearts of Lisbon – neither of which were part of the plan but added to the magic.

“It’s a moment that we want to relive over and over again, so being able to have a set of photos that transports us back is priceless. When you have a vision and it has a lot of moving pieces, you mustn’t be afraid to pursue it and just roll with the stuff that doesn’t go according to plan. However it unfolds, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

  Flytographer Orsi in Lisbon

Flytographer Orsi in Lisbon

“Travelling across the world to capture a sliver of time is a pretty intimidating concept. Thankfully, I had Liss and Orsi coordinating/fine-tuning the details to ensure that the moment was magical. Knowing there was a professional ready and waiting took an enormous weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on the unforgettable experience of proposing to my love. The ‘playsheet’ that was finalized before the event truly solidified it for me and gave me full confidence in the Flytographer team’s capabilities. Seeing the photos now, we cannot imagine having done it without them. To have a set of photos capturing our most favorite moments together is truly priceless.” – Ty

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