Samos, Greece Photo Spots

The Greek island of Samos is one of the Aegean Islands lying off the coast of Turkey. Just an hour’s flight from Athens, Samos is filled with beautiful beaches, trendy beach bars, and lively tavernas, but it also boasts fantastic sightseeing spots and open-air archaeological museums, such as the UNESCO-listed city of Pythagorio and the Heraion of Samos, also called the Temple of Hera. Less known than other islands in Greece, we can safely say that Samos is one of the best hidden secrets in Europe. Want the inside scoop on Samos? Here we are with the top five places to take photos in Samos. 📸

Let’s uncover some Samian gems! 🇬🇷



  1. Relax on a pebble beach with crystalline waters and then discover beautiful waterfalls nestled amidst lush hills at Potami Beach.
  2. Stroll the boardwalk, then explore the colourful lanes on the lookout for sightseeing spots at Vathy, Samos Town.
  3. Discover a quiet fishing village and relax on a stunning pebble beach in Kokkari.
  4. Admire views stretching to the coast of Turkey and discover the wonders of local crafts and wine in Manolates.
  5. Marvel at archaeological treasures and get a glimpse of the grandeur that once adorned ancient Pythagorio.

1. Potami Beach

This large pebble beach boasting crystal-clear waters is located just a ten-minute drive from Karlovasi and stands out as one of the most beautiful places to take photos in Samos. You can pick a beach bar to sit at under an umbrella or stroll along the pebble shore, admiring how the seawater contrasts with the lush hills that dominate the landscape. The scenery is crowned by the Agios Nikolaos Chapel, a whitewashed church perched on a hill overlooking the beach. One of the best spots for pictures is the peculiar rock formations that sit in the middle of the beach, around which the water is at its clearest. Trust us: this place feels like stepping into a dream! To see it all with an extra touch of magic, visit during sunset when the entire area is bathed in the warm colours of dusk. 🌅

📍While in the area: You can pair your visit to this Samos beach with a visit to the Potami waterfalls, also known as the waterfalls of Karlovasi. They sit not far above the beach and offer another poetic interplay of rock and water. 😉

2. Vathy, Samos Town

Also known as Samos Town, Vathy—the lively capital of the island—boasts a mix of old Venetian and neoclassical buildings alongside sleek and modern structures. Around its port, there’s a beautiful boardwalk by the water that’s one of the best places to take photos in Samos. You’ll feel the urban atmosphere but with a distinctly local vibe, and you’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of tavernas and cafes. Exploring the narrow uphill streets will reveal picturesque houses with colourful walls—all fantastic backdrops to make your photos pop! 👍

One of the main sightseeing spots is Pythagoras Square, where you’ll find the city’s guardian, the much-loved Lion of Pythagoras, which has become a symbol of the island. 🦁 Near the square is the Archaeological Museum, where you can marvel at statues that once stood tall on the island and dive deep into captivating tales of the ancient world.

3. Kokkari

A stone’s throw away from Vathy, the charming fishing village of Kokkari is a true Samos delight. Think of your dreamy Greek scenario: vine-shaded squares and time-worn cobbled lanes adorned with blooming bougainvillea—Kokkari has it all, and it offers yet another scenic harbour with quaint waterfront cafes and tavernas. 😍

This place is particularly nice for nature enthusiasts, with olive trees dotting the landscape and vineyards stretching to the horizon. The beaches are some of the best places to take photos in Samos: stunning pebble shores kissed by crystal-clear waters,  ideal for watching the sunset or sunrise. 🌅  Kokkari Beach, for one, offers amenities like sunbeds, restaurants, and coffee shops; Tsamadou Beach, one of Samos’s most renowned stretches of sand, boasts a picturesque bay framed by verdant foliage. Nearby, Lemonakia also impresses with its smaller, rocky bay and crystalline waters, a true paradise under palm trees. 🌴 All you need to do in Kokkari is soak up the serenity and leave the world behind.

4. Manolates

Another village worth visiting in Samos is Manolates, nestled high in the mountains and boasting spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, the entire island, and even the coast of Turkey. This artisan village is renowned for its pottery and local wine. The best way to explore it? 🤔 Get lost in the narrow lanes and soak up the artsy vibes as you meander through the old village, admiring the stone-built houses and quaint squares bordered with traditional restaurants and charming cafes. The surrounding areas are also great for a stroll as they offer beautiful paths through lush vegetation. 

After exploring nature, you can make your way back to the village and choose a taverna to sample their local wine, which has been produced on the island for centuries. Yamas! 🍷

5. Pythagorio

Proudly earning its name from the famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the UNESCO-listed town of Pythagorio (sometimes spelled Pythagorion in English) is one of the most special places to take photos in Samos. ⭐

As you wander through its picturesque streets, the village reveals its treasures layer by layer. Blue Street captivates with its photogenic charm, where houses shimmer in various shades of blue. History enthusiasts will love the archaeological museums, the remnants of the Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis, and the Tunnel of Eupalinos. The latter is an underground aqueduct constructed in the sixth century BC and is often considered one of the eight wonders of the ancient world. 😮

Speaking of the ancient world, just a quick ride from the centre of Pythagorio is Heraion, the Temple of Hera, the most important of the sanctuaries dedicated to Hera. Each weathered stone and fragment of its ruins tells a story of past glory and lets you imagine the architectural splendour of ancient Greece. Of course, they also offer stunning backgrounds for photos. 

Fly tip: If you hike up to the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani from Pythagorio, you will be rewarded with fabulous views. The monastery itself is a serene and spiritual place, perfect for a moment of contemplation and reflection. 😌

Capturing Memories in Samos

There’s so much more to see and do in Samos that we feel like we could go on forever here! 

If you’re looking for more stunning beaches—and you should be, this is Greece!—Kerveli is a quiet pebble beach with crystal-clear waters just a 25-minute drive from Samos town, Livadaki is a small sandy beach located north of the capital, Mikro and Megalo Seitani are two hidden beaches on the northwest coast of Samos that also offer hiking opportunities, and Tsabou Beach is unspoiled and beautifully maintained, perfect for water sports like diving and snorkelling. 👏

Seeking more tranquil spots on Samos? Both Posidonio and Ormos are incredibly picturesque and serene villages that are perfect for finding a table by the sea and indulging in the local cuisine. 😋 Meanwhile, Ireon, on the southern part of the island, offers more natural beauty paired with awe-inspiring historical sites. 

Whether you head to Samos or one of the more famous Greek islands, such as Mykonos or Santorini, you can connect with one of our local photographers and let them show you around and capture your best moments during your Greek getaway. 💙