Our #1 Tip to Get the Best Photos on Your Shoot

Flytographer: Lucille in Paris

Flytographer: Lucille in Paris

Flytographer: Sonya in Florence

So, you’ve booked a Flytographer shoot with us during the next amazing vacation you have planned. Yay! We can’t wait to see you! But, how can you make sure you get the absolute best photos from your shoot?

Flytographer: Conie in Tulum

Our #1 tip to get the best photos with us is to add a little colour! Honestly, it’s as simple as adding a bold dash of colour to really make your outfits pop. Add some colour to your outfits with a bright scarf, a jewel-toned dress or a patterned jumpsuit.

Flytographer: Serena in Venice

Flytographer: Chelsea in Honolulu

Flytographer: Sonya in Tuscany 

Flytographer: Sonya in Tuscany 

Flytographer: Anna in Santorini

Flytographer: Kris & Sandra in Kona

Flytographer: Luis & Marta in Porto

And make sure that applies to everyone in the shoot! We love when partners and families complement each other’s outfits. Pick a few colours to build a wardrobe around. A simple way to do this is to pick one central piece, say, a patterned dress. Then, simply pick colours out of that dress for everyone else to wear!

Flytographer: Juan A. in Cartagena

Most of all, have fun on your shoot, relax and smile! Think of your Flytographer shoot as hanging out with a fun local. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations for the greatest local coffee shop or dinner spot. Our Flytographers love to share their local knowledge.

Flytographer: Monica in Tulum

Flytographer: Olga in Paris

Flytographer: Wendy in Maui