The gorgeous proposals we captured in September took us all over Italy to Los Angeles, California. Whether it was a fun Disneyland engagement or a romantic gondola ride, our favourite proposal moments in September are unforgettable.

1. Marco and Dianela in Paris
Flytographer Olga

2. Jake and Rachael in Cinque Terre
Flytographers Ramón & Sonia

3. Arjun and Sara in Venice
Flytographer Vito

4. Mark and Terrin in Chicago
Flytographer Adam

5. Colin and Dusty in Anaheim
Flytographer Samantha

6. Kyle and Dana in Florence
Flytographer Alberto

7. Matt and Kate in Los Angeles
Flytographer Michelle

8. Dane and Kim in Venice
Flytographer Vito

9. Ryan and Ashley in Nashville
Flytographer John

10. Stephen and Kevin in Paris
Flytographer Krystal

11. Augustine and Kelly in Venice
Flytographer Marta

12. Josh and Adrienne in Lake Louise
Flytographer Tracy

13. Travis and Stephanie in Positano
Flytographers Mary & Maurizio

14. Chris and Emily in Cinque Terre
Flytographers Ramón & Sonia

15. Macedonio and Vanessa in Paris
Flytographer Olga

16. Brian and Tek in London
Flytographer Jimmy

17. Michael and Ashley in Venice
Flytographer Vito

18. Ryan and Whitney in Los Angeles 

 Flytographer Kevin 

19. Albert and Annain Lake Louise

Flytographer Tracy 

20. Megan and James in Florence
Flytographer Sonya

21. Dan and Natalie  in Paris

 Flytographer Krystal

22. Jonathan and Elianne in Venice

 Flytographer Siza 

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