Meet our Flytographers: Say Bonjour to Gonçalo Silva.
Based in Paris. Hails from Lisbon.

The very first Flytographer shoot happened one year ago exactly. I had this crazy idea that other travellers would want another option than just selfies and stiff stranger-taken shots. That it was totally worth PAYING for. A friend of mine was traveling to Paris and I thought, well, it can’t hurt to test this idea out… let’s see what happens.

I found Gonçalo on Craigslist Paris. It’s kind of unbelievable, but he was the one and only photographer in Paris listed that I really liked and therefore contacted. I explained my concept: editorial-style vacation photos in one hour and he agreed to give it a shot.

vacation photographer paris

Well, it’s our 1-year anniversary and we now have over 60 photographers worldwide. Gonçalo has been busy in Paris all summer capturing priceless memories for travellers across Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway and more… I thought we’d take a minute to share a little more about the man behind the lens.


Although he has a degree in design, Gonçalo moved to Paris to pursue his passion: editorial and lifestyle photography. A true dream-chaser. Meet Dee, his Canadian girlfriend, who also works in fashion, and their beloved French Bulldog, Steven.  Favourite Place to Shoot: Bridges on the Seine. Especially ones with the Eiffel in the background.
Favourite Cities to Visit: I love big cities and their different cultures, styles. I’d love to go to NYC or London someday.  Hmm… Maybe Emiliano, or Julie can snap him in London? Or Lauren or Gabrielle in NYC? 
What Inspires Me: Everything in daily life, but mostly fashion and lifestyle photography (see his creative editorial work with Dee below).
Have a question for Gonçalo? Drop a comment below. Curious about his photos? Stroll on over to our Pinterest Board for Paris and see his outstanding work with your own eyes. Truly our original vacation photographer.

PS – One last comment. He has a HUGE heart and is incredibly professional as well. We can’t wait to show you his latest shoot with Joyce and Scott Carpenter. It was their 29th Anniversary and he went ‘above and beyond’ to make their day special.
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xo Nicole
Founder, Flytographer


Gonçalo and me in Paris (obviously), May 2013. Photo credit: Miss Dee!