NYC Escape... Before Life Gets a Little Crazier! | Vacation Photographer in NYC

Jackie and Nick attended a wedding in Toronto and decided to knock something off their wish list: New York City! Leaving their two-year old at home with the grandparents (love grandparents!) allowed to them to get some much deserved time to themselves. Especially so, as there is actually someone else in these photos... Jackie is expecting baby #2!  And to think we thought her beautiful glow was from the amazing photographer: Gabrielle Plucknette.Congrats Jackie and Nick! xoPersonal Note: When i was pregnant with boy #2 we flew to London for a quick escape and left our 2 year-old son with grandma. (Thanks Mom!) It was such a treat, although I swear the Madonna concert we saw while there is 100% responsible for my now 6 year old son's VERY LOUD voice. 

Have you taken a "babymoon" trip? It's such a lovely moment in life to document. The calm before the storm? Have you considered capturing photos together?

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