“My mother and I took this vacation for a variety of reasons. This first reason is that it was her 60th birthday and I wanted to do something special for her so I surprised her with this trip. My father also passed away about six months prior to this trip unexpectedly and it felt right to take this time to ‘seize the day’ and spend a week together.

“One of our favourite memories from the trip was our Flytographer shoot because we would have never found the areas on our own that we took the photos in. It was a beautiful part of Montmartre and I don’t think we would have ventured into that area had we not had someone with us to guide us. We loved the café we ate breakfast in that morning – it was my mom’s favourite meal and part of the vacation.

“One funny memory from our vacation was late one night (we had already been asleep for a few hours), the evacuation alarm began going off in our hotel. In our stupor, we grabbed shoes and our coats and ran out the door. Paris in November in the middle of the night can get quite chilly without proper attire! We ended up standing in the middle of a Parisian street for over two hours in nothing but our pjs, shoes and light coats. We did feel like we weren’t the worst off, however, because there were several men who came out with no shoes and simply a robe on! During the saga (which is what it became known to us), we decided to have a bit of fun with it and document our time and funny stories by sending them back home with the hashtag #Evacuation2016. While it was not our favourite moment of the trip, it definitely became a memorable one!” – Tiffany

 Flytographer:  Krystal in Paris

Flytographer: Krystal in Paris

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