This family was able to celebrate not one birthday, but two, in Paris! Several years ago, their oldest daughter realized that just after she turned 10 years old, her mother would turn 40! So, to celebrate in a big way, they planned a dream trip to see the Eiffel Tower in person! Read on for the details.

“My oldest daughter was born 11 days before my 30th birthday in 2007. When she was little and I was putting her to bed at night, she used to say, ‘In 2015, I will be 8 and you will be 38. In 2016, I will be 9 and you will be 39. And in 2017, I will be 10 and you will be 40!’ So I looked at her and said, ‘We should do something amazing to celebrate!’ She looked around her bedroom at all of her Eiffel Towers and said, ‘Let’s go to Paris!’ For a year or two, we treated it as a bit of a dream that wouldn’t really come true. But as time went on, I said to my husband, ‘Why shouldn’t we go to Paris?!’ So, we started planning this amazing trip!  

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‘My favourite memories of this trip were watching my daughters embrace the Parisian culture and walk around like locals. They shopped in markets, took the Metro, played in parks…all with the beautiful backdrop of Paris surrounding them. I was also surprised by how much they loved the history and all of the old buildings, museums and churches. After every activity we did (going to the summit of the Eiffel Tower, completing a treasure hunt at the Louvre, biking and picnicking on the grounds of Versailles, going to Disneyland Paris, exploring Montmartre and Sacré Coeur, etc.), we would ask them to rate each experience from 1 to 10. They rated every single activity in Paris a 9 or 10 and, not surprisingly, going to the summit of the Eiffel Tower was the top rated activity!

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“My daughter has always been in love with Paris and this trip made her fall even more in love. I came across Flytographer and immediately loved the idea of having beautiful photos in this amazing place. Olga captured our love for each other and for the city in the perfect way! I will treasure these photos forever. The process was seamless and the results are absolutely beyond my expectations. Thank you Flytographer and Olga!” – Shyla

 Flytographer:  Olga in Paris

Flytographer: Olga in Paris

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