UPDATE — Sept 10, 2023

It has been one month since Maui experienced one of the state’s worst natural disasters. A month of heartache and uncertainty, a month of learning how to heal and rebuild. We all want to support Maui, and that means helping it get back to normal. 💗

It is no secret that Hawaii leans heavily on its tourism industry, and now that the fires are contained, it is ready to welcome people back. Many travellers are wondering how to support Maui as it recovers. Some ways to travel consciously include: 

  • Look into organizations where you can offer financial assistance, like Maui Rapid Response and Maui Strong 
  • Shop locally for donation items
  • Offer several hours of your day to volunteer
  • Think of ways you can positively impact the local economy: use your travel dollars to support local artists, businesses and restaurants
  • Remember that the west side is closed for another month while rebuilding efforts are underway

Our local Maui photographers’ calendars are now open — they are ready to welcome you and capture your vacation memories in their beautiful island home. 📸


The Maui wildfire that tore through the town of Lahaina on August 8 has been devastating on so many levels. 

As one of Flytographer’s busiest locations, Maui is very close to our hearts. We know the island well and have been proud to capture so many of your memories there, as well as to work with the most incredible local photographers. While we are beyond grateful that our photographers in Maui are safe, several have lost their homes and all their possessions, a tragedy shared by thousands of people on the island. 

In order to allow space for our local photographers to process this tragedy, Flytographer has paused all shoots in Maui until the end of August. Photo shoots will resume from September 1 onwards for locations other than the west side. You will find each photographer’s daily availability on their profile calendars on our Maui page.

We are supporting our Maui photographers during this time as well as Hawaii Community Foundation and Maui Rapid Response

Other organizations to support include: Maui Food Bank, Hawaii Red Cross, and Maui Humane Society

Three of our photographers have lost their homes and possessions; there are funds set up if you wish to directly support them:

  • Tawni (see QR codes above)
  • Sara
  • Lauren (see QR code above)

We are all dreaming of when Maui will rise up again, rebuilt anew, thanks to the spirit of Ohana and the tireless work of volunteers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at hello@flytographer.com