Elaine booked Flytographer for her parents in Maui. Here is her story…

My parents, Bob and Brenda, have been married for 50 years. They have always enjoyed travelling and have started to book one big trip a year in recent years. They want to see as much as they can, as my dad is legally blind and his sight is continuing to deteriorate.  

 Cadence for Flytographer

Cadence for Flytographer

“When I read the article about Flytographer in Canadian Living, I thought it was an amazing idea! My parents were leaving for a trip to the Hawaiian Islands in a couple of weeks, so I contacted Flytographer and was able to arrange a photo shoot that fit in with their already packed itinerary. 

“My parents, who were a little worried about it at first, ended up thoroughly enjoying themselves at the shoot and they absolutely loved Cadence! They thought she was amazing. 

 Bob and Brenda showed us the

Bob and Brenda showed us the “Crazy Faces” they do for the grandkids back home!

 Bob begged us to ONLY send the

Bob begged us to ONLY send the “Crazy Face” shots to his daughter, Elaine, and to say that these were the only 2 photos we could get!

“When the photos were sent to me a few days later I was so excited to see them! They brought tears to my eyes. Mom and Dad looked like they were having so much fun and still in love after all these years. I sent the photos on to my daughter who was living in England and she also had the same reaction I did.  We all are so happy to have these photos and will cherish them always.

 Memories are the best souvenirs.

 50 years together and still kissing romantically at sunsets. How beautiful is this?

50 years together and still kissing romantically at sunsets. How beautiful is this?

“My parents have booked another trip for next spring, a cruise through Europe. I’m hoping we can arrange for them to have another photo shoot in one of the cities they stop at. I tell everyone about Flytographer!  It is an absolutely perfect idea turned into a really cool business, run by very friendly and helpful people! I look forward to booking something else. I’m also thinking this would make such a great wedding gift to use on a honeymoon. (We have four daughters!) Thanks, Flytographer!”  – Elaine

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