Is there anything more romantic than meeting your love in Paris?

Deanna and Jon had been dating for six months, but hadn’t actually met in person yet. So, they did what any serious romantics would do and planned their first in-person date in Paris. Read on for the wonderfully romantic details of how they found love in Paris.

“I have been dating an amazing guy for six months. The only thing is we had never met in person. We had only talked on the phone and video chatted with each other. He is in the military and I am a travel ICU nurse. One day, he asked me if I would meet him in Paris for a date. I said I would love to.

“Paris was full of love, excitement, and beauty. I loved being able to finally hold my guy’s hand, feel his arms around me, and have true face-to-face conversations with him at amazing restaurants around Paris.

“My Flytographer Krystal and concierge Shay were nice enough to arrange the perfect location to capture our emotions for each other on camera. I am truly grateful for these priceless images. Krystal not only captures the photo, but the emotion tied to it. I am forever grateful for the beautiful moments of our love in Paris she captured in our images.” – Deanna