Fun Family Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

Catherine Capo for Flytographer

A line of kidlets, from smallest to largest. Numbered by order of birth, coloured by family unit. Could these shirts and these kids be any more adorable? We think not.

The littlest fella  is totally not sure about this. But he's in good hands...

"Everyone in the group loved the pictures and I'm sure we will have Catherine back for another shoot next year" 

Hermit Crab? Or? Either way, an exciting discovery!

Hermit Crab? Or? Either way, an exciting discovery!

The whole clan looking happy and quite dapper I might add!

A little beach time first...

54, 23, 10.... HUT!

The goofy face shot is a MUST!

A little summer "patty cake" on the grass.

Boy love.... the sweetest.

A little arm farting is never a bad idea.

Ready, set, race!

They grow up so fast...

Moments like this, where everyone comes together are rare and often fleeting.
Moments like this, will be treasured for generations to come.
Be in the moment and let us preserve it for you.

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