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We love celebrating the special bond between mothers and their daughters, so in honour of mothers everywhere, we’re looking back at some of our favourite mother-daughter moments.

 Flytographer:  Jeff in San Diego

Flytographer: Jeff in San Diego

“I planned this trip to San Diego as a ‘girls’ trip’ for my daughters and I to just get away and have fun before the busy ‘Back to School’ was upon us. I wanted to make sure I was able to bring back some pictures of the three of us just having fun. My girls and I had a blast.” – Deborah in San Diego

 Flytographer:  Hector in London

Flytographer: Hector in London

“Having lived in London previously, the city is like a second home to me, but this time, one to now share with my daughter. Such special memories of the two of us. We love our family photos which will now be displayed at our home in Canada and really serve to bring the two worlds together for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” – Christy in London

 Flytographer:  Johnny in NYC

Flytographer: Johnny in NYC

“Hands down the best investment you can make on any trip. If you’re trying to decide where to splurge with your travel budget, save it for the shoot. One month, one year, ten years from now, you might not remember where you stayed or where you ate, but you will remember these photos. Your children, their children, and future generations will thank you for it.” – Crystal in New York City

 Flytographer:  Goncalo in Paris

Flytographer: Goncalo in Paris

“The inspiration for this trip came from a celebration of decades. My daughter turned 10 and I turned 50! To mark the occasion, I wanted to share some experiences of the world with her so we embarked on a trip which began by introducing her to family in London. The two of us then continued on for a unique adventure in Sri Lanka where we experienced jungle safaris, UNESCO sites and tropical heat! We ended the adventure with a glorious week in Paris and topped it all off with a hike up the Eiffel Tower and a photoshoot with Flytographer on the day of my birthday! While I have so many memories and souvenirs of our journey together, I will cherish the photos from Flytographer the most!” – Susie in Paris

 Flytographer:  Olga in Paris

Flytographer: Olga in Paris

“Paris was always our dream vacation and when my daughter Sara turned 10, I decided it was time to make both our dreams of visiting the most romantic city in the world a reality.” – Monica in Paris

 Flytographer:  Monica in Rome

Flytographer: Monica in Rome

“My daughter’s 30th birthday was coming up and I wanted to celebrate it with something special. I had forever told my dad that I would take Devin to Italy some day… and some day finally came. I knew Devin, who had a close bond with her grandfather, would fall in love with Italy just as I had. We went to Rome, enjoying time at a little cooking school and touring the city. One day at the Vatican, she said, ‘Grandpa stood here…can you imagine?’ And we did.” – Kathleen in Rome

 Flytographer: Marianne in  New Orleans

Flytographer: Marianne in New Orleans

“The photo shoot was my 45th birthday present to myself, and my girls were willing to humour me. They love the results, as do I. New Orleans is the city of my heart and my girls are my whole heart, so it was a perfect way to celebrate. Thank you for making such great memories possible. My husband and I spent many years together in New Orleans, and we love it. Our girls love it too, and I wanted to celebrate my life now, at 45, with them, and memorialize this time in our family’s life, before the girls grow too old and things change too much.” – Karen in New Orleans