Breathtaking Engagement Photos in Rome & The Search for a Hidden Church

Forty years ago Sarah's parents got married in a little church in Rome. So when planning engagement photos with her fiancé, Brian, Sarah hoped to track down the original church. They met up with our Rome vacation photographer, Siobhan who happens to be Irish. Now Sarah is from Ireland, so it was kind of a perfect match! They didn't find the church the day of the shoot, but they did discover it the next day! This is one of our most breathtaking shoots, take a look..."The photos look amazing! Siobhan was great fun and put us totally at ease, we really enjoyed the shoot! Thanks again for the great service and brilliant souvenirs of our holiday."  - Sarah & Brian

Photobomb! Who can spot?

Siobhan knows all the most adorable hidden alleys... These shots feel straight out of a magazine.

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