Look, we get it. Hiring a photographer to capture baby’s first vacation can seem daunting. There are lots of what ifs involved – what if baby is fussy? What if baby starts crying? What if the other kids aren’t into having their photo taken? What if the whole thing is awkward? Trust us – the only awkward thing will be regretting not having those photos years later! Edith and her family hired a photographer for their baby’s first vacation (and their first vacation as a family of four), despite their initial hesitation. Read on – and see the adorable photos – for how it went.

“This was our first family photoshoot and first vacation with our youngest. We were always hesitant to hire a photographer, worried that any photoshoot would be very awkward especially with the possibility of a crying baby and/or cranky toddler. But Chelsea made everyone feel really comfortable and at ease. She chose a private and beautiful location, made the whole process fun and was awesome with the kids. In the end, we received the photos that we always wanted: playful, fun and natural.” – Edith

 Flytographer:  Chelsea in Honolulu

Flytographer: Chelsea in Honolulu

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