Best Spring Break Destinations That Aren’t Hawaii

With spring break rapidly approaching, we’re dreaming of all those destinations perfect for a post-winter recharge. And while there’s nothing wrong with a sun-soaked vacation filled with lounging on the beach (sign us up!), we’re thinking beyond the beach this year. Read on for our top spring break destinations perfect for a variety of travellers.


Costa Rica
Can’t decide between a remote escape and a trip to the city? Nature lovers and city slickers alike will find what they’re looking for in the diverse landscapes of Costa Rica. From Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo’s beaches (surf’s up!) and jungle trails along the Pacific coast to San José’s bustling barrios, Costa Rica’s rich, diverse landscapes provide a range of options for the indecisive (or well-rounded) traveller.


Not quite ready to pack away the skis and snowboard for the season? Here’s a little secret: the month of March is filled with longer days, plenty of sunshine, and endless fresh powder being dumped on the mountains surrounding Whistler. Check out our guide to 48 hours in Whistler for our favourite places to fuel up for a day on the slopes, as well as our top picks for après-ski.


The magic of exploring Tokyo is the perfect spring break escape for urbanites at heart. Fitting for families (we’re looking at you, Tokyo Disneyland), the fashion-forward, those who want a healthy dose of tradition mixed into their city escape thanks to the many traditional temples, and adventurous foodies, Japan’s dynamic capital has it all.


If historic castles are your jam, you should be jetting off to Dublin asap. Stunning historic architecture, sprawling green spaces, and yes, a pint of Guinness, are all part of the full Dublin experience, not to mention the friendly locals you’re sure to encounter. Even if you don’t have a ton of time to spend in this fascinating Irish city, check out our 24-hour guide to see just how much exploration can be packed into a short stay.


If eating your way through a city and hitting the late-night hot spots is your idea of a good time, Austin is waiting. An entire itinerary could be planned around finding Austin’s best barbecue and burning it all off dancing in one of the city’s many live music venues and dance halls. Austin is also brimming with trendy boutiques, vintage shops, and record stores. Check out our local’s guide to Austin for the best places to dance it off.


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