Saint Martin Photo Spots

With beautiful beaches of white sand and turquoise water, the Caribbean island of Saint Martin (also known as St Maarten and Sint Maarten) exudes an irresistible allure. This captivating island finds itself harmoniously divided between two countries: France and the Netherlands. Part of the Antilles, Saint Martin is a cosmopolitan melting pot that seamlessly blends European sophistication with vibrant Caribbean vibes. From Instagrammable beach bars and pulsating nightlife to crystal-clear waters and lush nature reserves, the island offers a little of everything. Whether you’re on the Dutch or French side of the island, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to take photos in Saint Martin. πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡½

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we asked our local photographers in Saint Martin to show us around all the very best spots for pictures.



(A little sneak peek just for you 😊)

  1. Fort Louis: An 18th-century fort on a hill by the sea with cannons and splendid views.
  2. Baie Rouge: naturally gorgeous, intimate, and tranquil this beach is the favourite of the global jet set.
  3. Mullet Bay Beach: a great escape from more crowded spots and perfect for water sports, beach bars, and captivating sunsets.
  4. Indigo Bay Beach: a stunning tropical setting near the city, all kept by an environmentally conscious developer.
  5. Simpson Bay Beach: besides being lined by luxurious resorts, world-class marinas, and several restaurants, Simpson Bay Beach is also a bustling nightlife spot.
  6. Little Bay Beach: often considered the most beautiful beach in St. Martin, this spot is not only a sanctuary for marine life but also a bird habitat.
  7. The Boardwalk: always bustling with activity, this iconic boardwalk stretches along the glistening sea of Great Bay.
  8. Walter Plantz Square: a meeting place for both locals and tourists, a square surrounded by palm trees and colourful huts adorned with gingerbread trims.
  9. Great Bay Beach: popular with visitors coming from cruise ships, this postcard-perfect beach has golden sands and crystal blue waters.
  10. Orient Bay Beach: dubbed the ‘Saint Tropez of the Caribbean,’ you’ll find a lot of glamour in its hotels, beach bars and restaurants.

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Cynthia and family celebrate a birthday in Saint Martin with a birthday photoshoot at Cupecoy Beach.

1. Fort Louis

On the French side of the island sits the vibrant town of Marigot, gracefully nestled along the beautiful waterfront. Overlooking the town, and just a short and pleasant trek up the hill, is the historic 18th-century Fort Louis, one of the best places to take photos in Saint Martin. Despite being abandoned for centuries, this structure boasts incredible features, such as the majestic pole with the French flag and replicas of the old cannons. πŸ’£ However, the true eye-catchers are the breathtaking panoramic views of Marigot, Simpson Bay, and even the island of Anguilla. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some unexpected extras for your photos: the area is inhabited by many camera-friendly iguanas. 🦎

For more captivating vistas on the French side, venture to Pic Paradis, the highest point in Saint Martin. You can either park at Loterie Farm, located right at the mountain’s base, or drive to the end of the road and take a quick 15-minute walk up. On the Dutch side of the island, Pelican Peak is also famous for its mesmerizing views and more β€” adrenaline seekers can take a thrilling zip line ride, soaring downwards towards the Caribbean Sea. Are you game? πŸ˜…

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Ryan and partner celebrate a proposal in Saint Martin with a proposal photoshoot.

2. Baie Rouge

Naturally gorgeous, intimate, and offering a tranquil atmosphere away from the crowds, Baie Rouge, on the northwest coast of the French side of Saint Martin, is one of the longest beaches on the island. Also known as “Red Bay,” this picturesque beach is named for its pretty pink sand formed from crushed coral pieces that wash up onto the shore. Its vibrant coral reef, abundant marine life, and calm, crystal-clear waters make it an ideal spot for snorkelling, especially near the rocks at the north end, where you’ll discover another gem: a secluded beach tucked away. 😲

🚨Photo alert: one particularly Instagrammable spot is the iconic mural named “Heaven Steps.” Marking the beach’s entrance, the vibrant colours of this gateway structure perfectly complement the hues of the sea. Baie Rouge is not only known as one of the most stunning beaches but also as one of the most luxurious on the entire island of Saint Martin. It is no surprise that this beach is a favourite among celebrities β€” need we say more? πŸ˜‰

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Caitlin and family capture memories in Saint Martin with a family photoshoot at Bay Rouge.

3. Mullet Bay Beach

With a long stretch of blue waters, soft white sand and beautiful palm trees, as well as surfer-grade waves, Mullet Bay Beach provides a good alternative to the more crowded beaches on the French side. The scenery boasts the genuine beauty of a Caribbean paradise, perfect for a beach photo shoot. 🌴 Mullet Bay also offers excellent snorkelling opportunities on its south side. There are a few umbrella rentals available, but you can also choose from one of the many beach bars to grab a snack and a tropical drink and relax by the calm waters. 🍹 Wait until the golden hour, and you’ll witness a true natural spectacle β€” Mullet Bay’s sunsets are legendary.

Heads up! The beach is usually calm, but not always since it’s close to the cruise ship terminal. If you want to experience the tranquillity of the place, avoid visiting when many ships are docked.

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Deniece and partner celebrate an anniversary in Saint Martin with an anniversary photoshoot on Mullet Bay Beach.

4. Indigo Bay Beach

Indigo Bay Beach sits on the Dutch side of the island, between Philipsburg and Simpson Bay. Despite being close to the city, it boasts powdery white sand and is surrounded by mountains and exuberant shady trees. Its calm waters are perfect for kayaking, and its gorgeous coral reefs make the beach a snorkelling and diving heaven. 🐟 You’ll notice the scenery seems untouched. That’s because Indigo Bay is managed by an environmentally conscious developer who prioritizes its preservation and builds eco-structures. However, you can still find several restaurants and beach bars along the shore β€” all great for cocktails as you enjoy the tropical landscape and the rhythmic ebb and flow of the waves. 🌊

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Jeffrey and partner celebrate a proposal in Saint Martin with a proposal photoshoot.

5. Simpson Bay Beach

Once a quaint fishing settlement, the picturesque village of Simpson Bay, located near Princess Juliana International Airport, captivates visitors with its charm. Simpson Bay Beach is lined by luxurious resorts, world-class marinas, and several restaurants serving amazing food. The beach also serves as the epicentre of nightlife on the island, with trendy bars offering refreshing drinks, live music, and the perfect vibe for those seeking a fun night out. πŸ•Ί

While the village has changed, fishing remains an integral part of its identity. You can observe the local fishers as they land their catch and sell it right on the spot at Simpson Bay Market. Alongside the market, you’ll also discover local eateries serving mouth-watering Caribbean cuisine. πŸ˜‹

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Nicole and family celebrate an anniversary in Saint Martin with an anniversary photoshoot.

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6. Little Bay Beach

Far less touristy and often considered the most beautiful beach in Saint Martin, this pristine, white sand beach of calm and crystal-clear waters is nestled near the peninsula where Fort Amsterdam is located, right on the edge of Philipsburg. Little Bay’s atmosphere is usually tranquil, mostly visited by guests staying in nearby resorts and snorkelers exploring underwater wonders filled with tropical fish. 🐠 Aside from the abundant marine life, the beach is also a sanctuary for birds, including the majestic pelicans that grace its shores.

One of the best places to take pictures in Saint Martin, Little Bay is also free of strong currents and is the go-to place for people seeking a memorable beach photo shoot. 😍

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Adela and partner celebrate a honeymoon in Saint Martin with a honeymoon photoshoot.

7. The Boardwalk

Capital of the Dutch side, Philipsburg is embraced by a bustling boardwalk that stretches along the glistening sea of Great Bay. As you explore the charming boutiques, restaurants, and bars along the boardwalk, you’ll hear the captivating sounds of the Caribbean. 🎢 This hip and vibrant area is typically quite busy, especially when the cruise ships dock at the nearby port. Still, if you want to capture the festive atmosphere of a Caribbean island, the boardwalk is the place to be (and to take some pics). Whether you want to do some people-watching, bask in the sea breeze, or try local cuisine, you’ll always have fun on the boardwalk. πŸ‘

From there, you can further explore Philipsburg along Front Street, a popular destination among tourists. This charming street offers an array of more enticing restaurants and boutiques. πŸ›οΈ Find the Courthouse, a notable historical gem dating back to 1793, which provides a lovely backdrop for photos. Don’t forget to glance up the building’s roof, where you’ll spot an artisan-crafted wooden pineapple β€” a symbol of hospitality that still graces many of the colonial houses to this day. 🍍

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Jonathon and partner celebrate a proposal in Saint Martin with a proposal photoshoot at The Boardwalk.

8. Walter Plantz Square

Connecting the boardwalk and Front Street, Walter Plantz Square is a meeting place for both locals and tourists. With palm trees on both sides and many fountains, the square displays colourful beach huts adorned with gingerbread trims characteristic of the island, making it one of the most Instagrammable places in Saint Martin. From there, you also get a glimpse of the turquoise waters of Great Bay Beach. πŸ’™

At night, the fountains are lit, and the square exudes festive vibes as it becomes the stage for events and street performers that will encourage you to move to the sound of the contagious Caribbean rhythm. 🎡

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Meredith and family celebrate a birthday in Saint Martin with a birthday photoshoot.

9. Great Bay Beach

Great Bay Beach sees thousands of visitors from cruise ships every day, but that doesn’t make it less appealing. This is still a place to relax as well as have fun. πŸŽ‰ The lively and cosmopolitan side of the beach is centred on its mile-long boardwalk lined by bars, restaurants, and casinos, all contributing to the famously vibrant atmosphere of Saint Martin.

Step onto Great Bay’s soft and golden sand and find a postcard-perfect beach of calming, crystal-blue waters. Bask under the Caribbean sun or rent a lounger and an umbrella and admire the gorgeous scenery around you. ⛱️ For the more adventurous, Great Bay is also ideal for water sports.Β 

Other beaches worth exploring on the Dutch side are the secluded Cupecoy Beach, which is surrounded by limestone cliffs and known for glorious sunset views; Kim Sha Beach is another outstanding spot for water sports such as sailing and kayaking; and, of course, Maho Beach, one of the world’s most famous beaches, at the end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport. Ever seen those jaw-dropping videos of planes skimming inches above beachgoers’ heads? πŸ›¬ To check the planes in a less intense setting, you can grab a seat at Sunset Beach SXM, a bar on Maho Beach, where you’ll even find the day’s schedule of landings. πŸ˜†

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Donna and family capture memories in Saint Martin with a family photoshoot at Great Bay Beach.

10. Orient Bay Beach

Located on the northeastern coast of French Saint Martin and also known as Baie Orientale, Orient Bay Beach is nicknamed the “Saint Tropez of the Caribbean.” You get the picture, right? It has crystal blue waters and many trendy beach clubs, bars, restaurants, and fancy hotels. Besides the natural beauty, you can also experience the glitzy side of the island. ✨For water sport enthusiasts, Orient Bay offers jet skiing, parasailing, kite surfing, and banana boating.

For more beaches on the French side of the island, check out Grand Case, a great place for a family beach day but also home to many gourmet restaurants and fantastic nightlife. Happy Bay, between the towns of Friar’s Bay and Grand Case, is a hidden gem that many people don’t know about. It is considered one of the most romantic beaches on the island of Saint Martin β€” a romantic and quiet getaway to spend some quality time with your loved one. πŸ’—

Photo: Shannon in Saint Martin for Flytographer. Aubrey and family capture memories in Saint Martin with a family photoshoot at Orient Bay Beach.

Capturing Memories in Saint Martin

It gets better! Aside from stunning beaches, Saint Martin also boasts stunning rocky mountains and dense mangrove forests. At Saint Martin Nature Reserve, located at the northern tip of the island, you can witness all of this natural beauty and spot the adorable animal life. Expect to see iguanas in various colours, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot the majestic leatherback turtle, the largest species of turtle in the world.

No matter which side of Saint Martin you find yourself on, connect with one of our local Flytographers. They’ll help you show your best side and capture all of your magical memories in this Caribbean paradise. β˜€οΈ