Huntington Beach

Sitting just southeast of Los Angeles, along the Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach is one of Southern California’s most cherished destinations. Known as “Surf City USA,” this Californian gem embodies the laid-back vibes associated with surfing culture and offers scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Along its extensive coastline, you’ll discover many great spots suitable both for outdoor activities and photo sessions, and in Downtown Huntington Beach, you can enjoy world-class dining and shopping, all while soaking up that wonderful Californian allure. To give you a sneak peek of what to expect from this sun-soaked city, we are spelling out the secrets of the top 5 places to take photos in Huntington Beach. 🇺🇸

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  1. Experience outdoor activities, fly a kite and count the surfers from the iconic Huntington Beach Pier.
  2. Feel the trendy vibes, dine alfresco and visit a surf museum in and around Main Street.
  3. Discover Instagrammable backdrops along charming 9th Street and take in the world-famous scenic views along the Pacific Coast Highway.
  4. Experience Southern California at its best and enjoy a sunny day from Belmont Pier.
  5. Encounter more quintessential California fun at Newport Beach.

Photo: Candace in Huntington Beach for Flytographer. Leslie and family capture memories in Huntington Beach with a family photoshoot at Huntington Beach Pier.

1. Huntington Beach Pier

The heart of Huntington Beach and its most iconic landmark, Huntington Beach Pier, ranks as one of the longest piers on the West Coast. There’s no better way to witness the display of activities than strolling along this expansive wooden structure. From surfers catching the rolling waves and anglers trying their luck to volleyball players on the sandy shore, the pier offers a front-row seat to it all. Joining the locals in flying kites (which you can buy at the pier’s Kite Connection) is a popular pastime. On weekends the atmosphere becomes even more vibrant, thanks to live concerts and arts and crafts fairs that add to the excitement. 🎶🎺

A visit to the pier is also an opportunity to walk along the shoreline, swim, bask in the warm California sun and take pics beneath the pier’s structure. When the day comes to a close, it’s time to harness the natural light and capture an unforgettable Orange County sunset. 🌅

Extra tip: a short drive from the pier is Huntington Central Park, the largest park in Orange County, another place full of photo ops and a haven for outdoor activities like horseback riding, golfing, and hiking.

Photo: Candace in Huntington Beach for Flytographer. Stacey and partner capture memories in Huntington Beach with an anniversary photoshoot at Huntington Beach Pier.

2. Main Street

Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach is the city’s lively and colourful hub for culture and entertainment. The pedestrian-friendly street ends at the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), just next to the pier, and is adorned with palm trees and flowerbeds. 🌴 You’ll find an array of trendy boutiques, souvenir shops, and excellent restaurants where you can dine alfresco. Surf enthusiasts will love the nearby International Surfing Museum, which is dedicated to preserving surfing culture and showcasing its history from around the world. Inside, there’s a fascinating collection of memorabilia and vintage surfboards. The museum is housed in a charming and picturesque building, perfect for great pics! 🏄‍♀️

Pacific City, a high-end beachfront mall offering great shopping and dining options, is just a stone’s throw from Main Street. 🛍️ You can also enjoy breathtaking views of the pier from there.

Photo: Candace in Huntington Beach for Flytographer. Cierra and partner capture memories in Huntington Beach with a honeymoon photoshoot.

3. 9th Street and Pacific Coast Highway

The iconic Pacific Coast Highway is celebrated worldwide as the perfect route for a scenic road trip thanks to its dramatic bluffs and scenic views. 🚗 The section of the highway that runs along Huntington Beach is gorgeous. Don’t feel like driving? One of the best ways to immerse yourself in it all is by cycling along the bike trail nestled between the sea and the highway. For those seeking a more immersive natural experience, the Huntington Beach Santa Ana River Trail, which runs alongside the Santa Ana River, offers stunning places to take photos in Huntington Beach and another great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

As you make your way along the highway, you can stop at Huntington State Beach and Huntington Dog Beach. Both locations are ideal for beach photo shoots. The latter, in particular, stands out as one of the most welcoming dog beaches in California, with lots of space for playtime with your furry companion. 🐶

Photo alert: 🚨 make a pit stop at 9th Street, a picturesque residential street in Huntington Beach. It boasts a delightful mix of modern and traditional houses, all framed by towering palm trees. However, as you snap away, please be sure to respect boundaries—it’s a residential street, after all.

Photo: Candace in Huntington Beach for Flytographer. Brett and partner capture memories in Huntington Beach with a babymoon photoshoot on 9th Street Pacific Coast Highway.

4. Belmont Pier

Only a 20-minute drive from Huntington Beach, the historic Belmont Pier in Long Beach is shaped like a ‘T’ and offers quintessential California coastal scenery—picture stunning ocean views and lively beach vibes. You can take a stroll along this landmark, immersing yourself in the sweeping vistas while observing local anglers at work. 🎣 From the pier, you’ll have a clear view of the “Astronaut Islands,” a cluster of artificial islands located just a short distance offshore. Originally designed for oil extraction, these islands have been adorned with sculptural walls and beautiful vegetation, creating a photogenic spectacle on the water.

Long Beach City Beach provides many opportunities for some of the best places to take photos in Huntington Beach. Whether you choose to explore on the sandy shores, take a scenic bike ride, or dine in one of the beachfront restaurants offering fresh seafood, there’s no doubt that this is a fantastic way to spend a sunny Southern California day. ☀️

Photo: Flytographer in Huntington Beach. Lori captures memories in Huntington Beach with a birthday photoshoot at Belmont Pier.

5. Newport Beach

Just a quick 10-minute drive from Huntington Beach, Newport Beach is another Southern California gem offering exciting activities and superb photo ops. This quintessential California beach town is renowned for its vibrant harbour, two iconic piers, and the Balboa Fun Zone—an old-school amusement park featuring a charming Ferris wheel with ocean views. 🎡

For a nature escape, explore Crystal Cove State Park, which boasts over three miles of outdoor splendour, including beaches, secluded coves, and a variety of scenic hiking trails. 

Looking to venture further? Both Newport and Huntington Beach make excellent bases for exploring the surrounding area and finding more photo shoot locations. You can easily drive to must-visit destinations like Costa Mesa, Santa Barbara, Dana Point, Santa Ana, Irvine, Laguna Beach, and Anaheim. Anaheim is home to California’s Disneyland Resort. 😍

Photo: Candace in Huntington Beach for Flytographer. Krista and family capture memories in Huntington Beach with a family photoshoot.

Capturing memories in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach truly embodies the California dream, offering endless Pacific Ocean views, great photo spots, and an abundance of sun-soaked fun. There’s just one more thing we’ll say about it: California, here we come! 🎵

To make your visit to Huntington Beach even more memorable, connect with our local photographers to capture your best moments and transform them into cherished souvenirs.💙