Curaçao Photo Spots

Considered one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, Curaçao deserves a place on your bucket list. Exuding a more European flair than its sisters, Aruba and Bonaire, this paradise island is filled with Instagram-worthy spots, including beautiful beaches of turquoise waters and entire neighbourhoods of Dutch colonial buildings boasting stunning colours and street art. What makes Curaçao truly unique is its blend of colonial heritage and vibrant Caribbean culture, something that’s clear in every corner. To give you a glimpse into this tropical paradise, here we are with the top 5 places to take photos in Curaçao. 

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  1. Explore and admire the colours in the colonial streets of Old Town Willemstad.
  2. Soak in the hipster-bohemian air of Pietermaai District.
  3. Marvel at decaying buildings and street art in lively Otrobanda.
  4. Learn about Curaçao’s history and heritage at Kura Hulanda.
  5. Bask in the sun and join the locals for a picnic at Parasasa Beach.

Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Tory and partner celebrate a honeymoon in Curaçao with a honeymoon photoshoot in Old Town & Pietermaai.

1. Old Town

Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, is well known for its old town filled with Dutch colonial architecture — a collection that contributed to the city’s title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 😍 You might even feel like you’re in Europe while strolling these charming streets, but then the Caribbean culture hits you, always so lively and delightful. Throughout the old town, there are wonderful restaurants serving delicious Afro-Caribbean cuisine, vendors selling typical souvenirs, and friendly locals going about in fine colourful clothes. 

One of the best vantage points to admire the cityscape and take great pics is the famous Queen Emma Bridge, a pontoon bridge that crosses St. Anna Bay connecting the Punda—where the old town is located—and Otrobanda quarters. Both from the bridge and from Otrobanda, you’ll get stunning views of Handelskade, a delightfully colourful strip of Dutch buildings lining the old town waterfront. The views are stunning in daylight, at sunset and even during the nighttime when the facades are illuminated. 👌

Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Cayla and partner celebrate an engagement trip in Curaçao with an engagement photoshoot in Old Town.

2. Pietermaai District

Next to Punda and the old town is the lively district of Pietermaai, considered one of the best places to take photos in Curaçao thanks to the eye-candy buildings dotting its streets. Besides the Instagrammable facades of impressive Dutch mansions, an array of wonderful little shops, trendy cafés, and hip eateries line the streets of Pietermaai—no wonder they call it the Soho of Curaçao. This artsy area is a great spot for an aimless stroll. At night, everything becomes even more bustling, with lots of live music venues and bars to choose from. 🎶🎷

🚨 Photo alert: the Scuba Lodge Boutique Hotel is a particularly photogenic spot with its beautiful multicoloured colonial buildings that revive the island’s old glamour.

Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Tim and partner celebrate a honeymoon in Curaçao with a honeymoon photoshoot in the Pietermaai District.

3. Otrobanda

Otrobanda, the so-called heart of Willemstad, is a brilliant spot for marveling at both restored colonial buildings and picturesque run-down alleys filled with lots of Instagram-worthy street art. 🎨 Getting lost in the area while looking for gorgeous murals is a must; keep your eyes peeled for the ones gracing the passageway between Quintastraat and Cornelis Dirksweg. Another favourite Instagrammable place to take photos in in Curaçao is the Otrobanda steps at the top of Van Lennepstraat. The artist who painted them said the goal of her creation was to make people happier with each step. In Curaçao, that’s an easy goal, wouldn’t you say? 😂

Otrobanda is also home to superb entertainment spots, such as the Rif Fort, a historical fort from the 19th century that was transformed into a shopping complex boasting a lovely courtyard where you can dine alfresco surrounded by beautiful palm trees. 🌴 🍽️

Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Erin and partner celebrate a honeymoon in Curaçao with a honeymoon photoshoot in Otrobanda.

4. Kura Hulanda

Though technically part of Otrobanda, this small neighbourhood feels like a different town. With serene cobblestone streets, charming alleys and beautiful gardens featuring tropical plants and flowers, 🌺 Kura Hulanda is one of the most perfect places to take photos in Curaçao. Take a leisurely stroll through the lovely streets, admire the architecture and feel the historic vibes. The Kura Hulanda Museum and the Maritime Museum are must-go spots for delving deeper into the island’s history and heritage. 👍

For more captivating architecture and street art, Scharloo is another neighbourhood you can’t miss. Known for its Baroque mansions that were once home to the island’s wealthiest merchants, this historical gem has become a favourite among emerging local artists. 👩‍🎨

Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Danielle and Anna capture memories in Curaçao with a vacation photoshoot.

5. Parasasa Beach

This small beach favoured by locals and lying next to the Marriott Beach Hotel perfectly complements any visit to Otrobanda. Parasasa Beach offers the perfect Caribbean scenery, with fine sand, pebbles and turquoise waters – one of the most stunning places to take photos in Curaçao. Since the beach is protected by low and high breakwaters, it forms a beautiful and calm lagoon, ideal for swimming and snorkelling. For a perfect full day by the sea, join the locals on the weekends when they gather to picnic on the shores while watching a cinematic sunset. 🌅

Beach hopping, anyone? Curaçao is home to many other beautiful beaches, including Kokomo Beach, Cas Abao Beach, Knip Beach, Mambo Beach, Playa Lagun, Playa Porto Mari, Grote Knip, Kleine Knip and Tugboat Beach. The latter is particularly famous for its shipwreck covered with vibrant coral and surrounded by tropical fish. 🐠

With so many dazzling natural backdrops in Curaçao, capturing the perfect shot is easy; but for even better results you can always follow our tips for a fabulous beach photoshoot. Need even more inspiration for your photoshoot? Then check out these wonderful shots taken in Barbados and Saint Martin.


Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Sarah and partner celebrate a honeymoon in Curaçao with a honeymoon photoshoot.

Capturing Memories in Curaçao

By now you’ve probably noticed that if you like colour, the island of Curaçao is the right place for you. And there’s so much more to see. Here are a few honourable mentions:

  • Klein Curaçao is a small and unspoiled coral island featuring a spectacular beach with crystal-clear blue waters, exuberant sea life and an abandoned yet highly photogenic 18th-century lighthouse. 🏝️
  • Shete Boka National Park is an extensive area of rugged coast where you’ll get breathtaking views of the sea and crashing waves. 🌊 The park is also a well-known nesting site for turtles.
  • Speaking of cute animals, Williwood on the west side of Curaçao is a great place to spot flamingos. 🤗

What else can make your trip to Curaçao unforgettable? Reaching out to one of our local Flytographers and letting them capture all your magical moments on this wonderful Caribbean island!