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Dubbed the “Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is widely regarded as one of the most stunning cities in the world. The city beautifully blends modernity with rich traditions in everyday life and boasts an exuberant mix of architectural styles displayed in beautiful buildings and monuments. With a unique colonial charm, superb dining scene, vibrant nightlife, and an artistic allure, Buenos Aires is the quintessential expression of Latin passion, which is perhaps best felt through the seductive rhythms of Argentine tango that echo throughout the city’s elegant streets. Moreover, when you explore the barrios of La Boca, Palermo, San Telmo, and Puerto Madero, to name a few, you’ll find countless Instagrammable places. It might even seem overwhelming trying to decide where to start clicking, but we’ve got you covered with a list of the 5 best places to take photos in Buenos Aires. 🇦🇷

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  1. San Telmo: step back in time strolling the streets of BA’s oldest neighbourhood, an area filled with low-story colonial houses and treasure troves for antique lovers.
  2. Palermo: the largest barrio in BA is filled with street art, eclectic restaurants, chic cocktail haunts, and quirky fashion boutiques.
  3. Plaza Italia: small and peaceful, this square is a favourite meeting place of locals and close to other main attractions.
  4. Botanical Garden: a true oasis in the middle of the bustling capital with Roman, French, and Japanese gardens.
  5. Recoleta Cemetery: the resting place of many Argentinian personalities is considered the most beautiful cemetery in the world.

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Meghan and partner capture memories in Buenos Aires with a vacation photoshoot in Palermo.

1. San Telmo

San Telmo, Buenos Aires’ oldest neighbourhood, is steeped in history and exudes charm from every corner. Its narrow, tree-lined, cobblestone streets are flanked by low-story colonial houses, making it a top choice for taking photos in Buenos Aires. San Telmo is known as the birthplace of tango, Argentina’s most precious intangible cultural heritage, which emerged in the 19th century. The neighbourhood is home to many upscale tango dinner-show venues, with El Viejo Almacén being a particularly good one to experience a true masterclass in this art form. 💃 One of the liveliest streets in San Telmo is Defensa Street, lined with antique dealers, pop-up art galleries, and street art. On Sundays, the street and nearby Plaza Dorrego turn into a bustling flea market and a stage for street performers. The square is surrounded by bars and cafes, making it an ideal spot to grab a drink and people watch. 👀

From San Telmo, you can easily explore the historic district of Monserrat. No visit to Buenos Aires is complete without checking out Casa Rosada, also known as the Pink House, located in Plaza de Mayo. This stunning building is the governmental palace and a symbol of Argentina’s political and cultural heritage. Taking a guided tour of the premises and the square is highly recommended. Also close to San Telmo is Puerto Madero, a revamped dockside area that showcases the modern side of the city. A major point of interest is the stunning Puente de la Mujer bridge over the Río de la Plata, with its sleek and eye-catching design. The area is also home to superb steakhouses and beautiful modern buildings that frame the surroundings. 🏢 On the other side of the axis, on Avenida de Mayo, you’ll find the impressive National Congress building, or the Congreso Nacional, and nearby is the irreverent Palacio Barolo. The latter was designed by Italian architect Mario Palanti and inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy — the structure is divided into hell, purgatory, and heaven. 😯 

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Christopher and partner celebrate a honeymoon in Buenos Aires with a honeymoon photoshoot in San Telmo.

2. Palermo

Palermo, the largest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, is divided into different areas, including trendy Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. These enclaves are known for their eclectic restaurants, chic cocktail bars, and quirky fashion boutiques. 🛍️ Walking through both Palermos is a treat, with tree-lined streets accented by lovely, single-story houses from the late 19th century. Art lovers must visit the innovative MALBA Art Museum, which showcases modern Latin American masterpieces, including works from Frida Kahlo. However, art is not limited to museums in Palermo. The neighbourhood streets offer an abundance of colourful murals that give life to the sides of residential buildings, houses, restaurants, and boutiques. 🎨

Speaking of colour, La Boca, a neighbourhood only ten minutes away from Palermo by car, is a must-visit. La Boca is a memorial to Buenos Aires’ working-class history and is home to the famous Caminito Street, full of vendors and street performers, including tango dancers. The brightly painted houses lining the street are typical dwellings of the immigrants who inhabited the area towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Today, these houses are popular photo spots, and people are constantly looking to take pics of the personalities that weave from the balconies, such as Juan and Eva Perón, Che Guevara, and Argentinian legend Diego Maradona. ⚽ For those interested in understanding more about the history and culture of La Boca, the Benito Quinquela Martín Museum is a go-to spot.

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Alex and partner capture memories in Buenos Aires with a couples photoshoot in Palermo.

3. Plaza Italia

In Palermo, Plaza Italia is a small and elegant square where you can rest after a day of exploring the city of Buenos Aires. The square features a beautiful monument honouring the Italian politician Giuseppe Garibaldi, which is a replica of a monument in Brescia, Italy. You can sit on a bench under shaded trees and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the square. Plaza Italia also holds great historical significance, since it was the departure point for the city’s first electric tram in 1984. 🚃 Today, the square remains an important hub with easy access to public transportation, which makes further exploration of Buenos Aires much easier. Not to mention, the square is conveniently next to the Eco Park and the Botanical Garden, which are also outstanding places to visit. 

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Jennifer and partner capture memories in Buenos Aires with a couples photoshoot.

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4. Botanical Garden

The Buenos Aires Botanical Garden is a tranquil oasis of lushness in the middle of the bustling Argentinian capital. With over 5,000 species of plants and trees from all over the world, the gardens provide a serene escape. The elegant art nouveau greenhouse and the English-style red brick building are truly photogenic. Strolling along the Botanical Garden’s trails, visitors can explore the different landscaping styles, including the Roman, Japanese, and French gardens. The latter was inspired by the Palace of Versailles. 👑

Besides the natural beauty, the Botanical Garden also features a variety of artistic highlights, including marble statues and sculptures representing the movements of Beethoven’s  Symphony No. 6. 🎶 Every corner of this gem is gorgeous, which makes the Botanical Garden one of Buenos Aires’ most photogenic destinations.

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Roshni and family capture memories in Buenos Aires with a family photoshoot in the Botanical Garden.

5. Recoleta Cemetery

When considering beautiful places to take photos in Buenos Aires, a cemetery may not be the first place that comes to mind. 🤔 However, Recoleta Cemetery, in the heart of the city, is arguably the world’s most stunning resting place. Situated on a hill in the lovely Recoleta neighbourhood, the cemetery features over 6,000 graves organized in a city-like fashion, with neat rows and mausoleum-lined streets. The unique beauty here stems from the mix of architectural styles it displays, ranging from Greek temples to miniature Baroque cathedrals. As you stroll through this labyrinth-like cemetery, it’s easy to lose track of time. We recommend grabbing a map and not leaving before finding the most famous marble mausoleums, including that of Eva Perón, or “Evita.” 🌹

Outside the cemetery, the Recoleta neighbourhood is also worth exploring. One of the area’s highlights is Floralis Genérica, a 20-metre-high, 18-ton aluminum, and stainless steel sculpture paying homage to flowers. Interestingly, the six steel petals of this dynamic work of art open each morning and close at midnight, making it a perfect spot for an Instagram-worthy shot. 😉 Another must-see spot is El Ateneo Grand Splendid, one of the world’s most exquisite bookshops, housed in a beautifully preserved antique theatre with gorgeous frescoes on its soaring ceiling. You’ll understand why Buenos Aires is often called “the city of books and writers.” 📚

Need more theatre splendour? Then head to another part of the city and visit Teatro Colón, the principal opera house designed by Italian architect Vittorio Meano. Standing in front of this impressive building, you won’t have any trouble finding El Obelisco, the majestic obelisk that commemorates the founding of this remarkable city.

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Jacqueline and partner capture memories in Buenos Aires with a pre-wedding photoshoot.

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