This feel-good, all-smiles Cabo San Lucas beach proposal gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “The world is your oyster.”

Eric and Lindzie were enjoying a relaxing tropical vacation in Cabo San Lucas, but unbeknownst to Lindzie, Eric had something special planned. We are swooning over the extra-special little touches Eric planned for her (and thrilled our proposal photographer was able to capture it all). Read on for all the details of their seriously gorgeous beach proposal.


“I don’t believe that anyone ever expects or anticipates to meet their soulmate, but as you spend more and more time with that person, you start to realize that you wouldn’t want to live life without them. I knew Lindzie was the one because aside from the awesome spelling of her name, she became someone I loved, someone I would deeply miss when she was away, and someone who I just couldn’t get enough of. I wanted to feel her touch, her presence, and her illuminating personality with me at all times and that was when I realized life wouldn’t be worth living without her by my side.”


“I had visited Cabo San Lucas in the past, but Lindzie had not. It is a beautiful, astonishing place with sun-kissed beaches, mesmerizing blue waters, and weather we just don’t get at home. We both enjoy tropical destinations, warm temperatures, and tend to appreciate vacations which are more relaxing and laid back, so a beach proposal seemed fitting for us.”


“We made dinner reservations at the nicest restaurant at our resort that evening, so Lindzie was already getting ready, but did not know what to expect. I told her that I wanted to go to the beach at our resort to view the sunset — we both had noticed a unique rock formation on the beach property (initially made known to me by our Flytographer Fernanda) that we wanted to check out. Before our trip, my sister made a planted comment about wanting us to bring a seashell back for her, so this was another incentive for us to go to the beach that evening.

“When we arrived, the sun was right behind us setting between the rocks, creating a stunning, golden backdrop. I asked Lindzie to find someone to take our picture and our photographer Fernanda was there, acting as a random tourist. As my girlfriend ran back to get in place for the photo, I was digging around in the sand and pulled out an oyster shell which I had brought with me. My girlfriend’s first reaction was just a statement about it being an interesting shell and she told me to take it home for my sister. I told her to open the shell and when she did, she paused and went into a slight state of shock. The oyster shell held her engagement ring and she started shaking, then jumped up and down excitedly before falling to her knees. I am happy to say that she said yes!” – Eric