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The Best Surprise Engagement Proposals Captured From Around the World

The Art of Capturing Surprise Proposals At Flytographer, our 600+ photographers have captured thousands of proposals around the world and it’s time to share some dreamy, customer proposal moments. From the view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the sunny shores in Honolulu, our local photographers know the best spots to pop the question and will help make this moment one you and your partner will never forget. Paris, France Benedict + Uju | Captured by Flytographer Rachael in Paris Benedict: “We met on Instagram and I said, ‘This girl is too beautiful for me not to take...

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The Best Road Trip Routes Through the USA

Is there anything better than filling up the car with cozy blankets, a full tank of gas and most importantly, plenty of snacks for a road trip with your loved ones?  From the east coast to the west coast, and the midwest to the southwest, we’ve rounded up some of the most epic road trips across the US! Whether you prefer city-hopping or reconnecting with nature, there’s a road trip route here for everyone. So grab the essentials, your comfiest crewneck and road trip tote, and let’s drive! Photo: Marie in Maui for Flytographer EAST COAST Clocking in with...

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Top 10 Easy Romantic Getaways Close to Home

While we often dream of flying to exotic, faraway places, there’s so much beauty, adventure and romance to be found in our own backyard.  If it’s the right time for a romantic getaway (and let’s be honest, when is it not?), look no further than these 10 unique destinations. Whether your idea of a getaway is a secluded cabin surrounded by stunning nature, or slowly strolling the streets of a picturesque new city with no plans or agenda, we’ve compiled cities for every type of couple in need of some “we” time. Photo: Kristin in Breckenridge for Flytographer Denver,...

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Celebrating World Photography Day With Our Global Flytographer Community

Happy World Photography Day! We asked our global photographer community what photography means to them on World Photography Day 2020. From feeling connected to the people, memories, and feelings we hold so close, photographs can take you back to a different time and place. Let’s hear some of our photographers’ perspectives on their abilities to capture moments in time. Flytographer Candace in Newport Beach “I fell in love with photography as a kid actually…..but didn’t realize how important photos truly were until my dad suddenly passed away. You then realize that photos of your loved ones are priceless. And...

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Hidden Gems: Flytographer’s Local Guide to Honolulu

As the Hawaiians say, “Hele me kahau ‘oli” or “Go with joy.”   Despite its remote location in the middle of the Pacific, Oahu is a dynamic fusion of cultures that excites your senses.  You’ll find unique vibes across each part of the island, from the bustling city of Honolulu on the South Shore to the laid-back, surfer town vibes of the North Shore. But regardless of where you choose to explore, you’re met with lush, dramatic ridges overlooking sparkling, turquoise waters and pristine beaches, incredible food and cocktails, and the “Aloha Spirit.” You truly can’t go wrong in...

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