Scheduling a Peruvian pitstop on your next South American adventure?

Make the most of your time in the ancient, coast-lined city with our top things to eat, see, and do in Lima, Peru.

Best Restaurants in Lima

Considered to be one of the culinary capitals of the world with its booming restaurant scene and gastronomic history dating back more than 400 years, you’ll have your pick of delectable places to eat in Lima.

Eat with the locals at Antigua Taberna Queirola, a classic Peruvian bar open since the late 1800s to nibble on favourites like tamales and huevos de pescado.

For a unique dining experience, Malabar’s chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino takes culinary experimentation to a whole new level as he brings his food dreams to life with crazy fermentation, jungle-grown produce, and Amazonian ingredients.

Must See Attractions in Lima

Soak up Peru’s ancient culture in this history-heavy metropolis.

Catapult back in time with a visit to the tiered, pre-Incan pyramid of Huaca Pucllana, built more than 2,500 years ago in what is now known to be Lima’s Miraflores district.

Breathe in the sights of where it all began at Plaza Mayor (aka Plaza de Armas), the birthplace of Lima, where the city was founded in January 1535. Visitors should get down to the Plaza by noon to witness the elaborate changing of the guard, all surrounded by stunning Latin American palaces.

Things To Do in Lima

Spend vacation the way you want, with tons of activities in every neighbourhood in town.

Root for the home team and catch a football match, or plan your stay around your favourite band at Lima’s open air stadium, Estado Nacional, and sing your heart out late into the evening, as the sun sets over the Pacific coast.

Snap an Instagram-worthy pic or two and get a taste of everyday foods at Mercado de Surquillo for the ultimate local experience, or take to the water and get your surf on with Lima’s beginner-friendly swells for a fun afternoon in the sun.

With so many great things to eat, see, and do in Lima, you’ll have no trouble at all filling your Peruvian itinerary to the brim — regardless of how long you’re sticking around.

Flytographer: Joanna in Lima, Peru

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