Making memories with Mom

Now more than ever, family travel photos hit a special place in our heart. Many have expressed that when it’s safe to travel together again, they will prioritize taking more photos together as a family to serve as beautiful memories to cherish forever. Our job is to capture that moment for you when the time is right! 


1. Paris

“These pictures are my absolute favorite souvenirs from Paris. When I decided to take my mother to Paris for her birthday I knew that I needed a special way to document the trip. After a little research, I came across @flytographer. They have photographers all over the world. The process of setting up a photographer was super easy.  There is even your own concierge to help you through the process. Olga met us early in the morning and an hour later and a quick loop by the Eiffel Tower I have the most amazing pictures of me and my mother.” – Rachael @seasidecurves


2. Maui

Photo: Lyndsay in Banff for Flytographer

“My favorite daughter (which I only have one child) is growing up into a teenager. Years pass by faster than her age. I know someday (hopefully not very soon) she will be living independent from me and will probably choose to hang out with her friends more.  So, I wanted to take as much quality time with her as I possibly can. And to well documented it in photographs so I can look back in our fun and loving time together by just looking at the photos. Lyndsay became part of our photographs and memories. Because, every time we look at our photos it reminds us of her behind the camera lens who captured ours moments.” – Gemma


4. Cabo San Lucas

Photo: Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer

“I’m a single mother by choice. This was our first trip together. I wanted to make sure we remembered it forever! My favourite memory was spending time with my daughter and soaking in all that Cabo had to offer. Fernanda was so easy to work with. She made my daughter and I feel very comfortable. My daughter even played with and held Fernanda’s hand!  And she doesn’t warm up to anyone that quickly!” – Karla @karlitathirtythree

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Photo: John in Nashville for Flytographer

“For years, my mother, sister and I have been dreaming of attending CMA Fest. Being big country fans, attending a festival in Nashville was definitely a bucket list item. Last year, we decided it was time to check this one off the list! The Festival itself was amazing but our favourite memory was by far wandering the city in the days that followed, once the crowds had dispersed. Getting to see the true Nashville was the best part and having John, our flytographer document this was perfect.” – Stephanie @wanderlust_pineapple


7. New York City

Photo: Amanda in New York City for Flytographer

“My daughter and I are huge theatre nerds with a particular love of musicals. She turned 7 in February, and to celebrate, we spent five days in New York and crammed five Broadway shows into our travel schedule.

A lot of great memories of our trip remain, but the experiences we shared at the Broadway shows are my favourite. I’m so glad that my daughter enjoys live theatre as much as I do, and the chance to experience five wonderful shows in such an exciting city was a huge thrill for both of us.

This was such a wonderful experience! As a single mother who travels with my young daughter, there’s usually been very little photographic evidence (other than a handful of not-so-great selfies) that I went along on our trips. I’m thrilled that this adventure was captured so beautifully in photographs of both of us together; the pictures make a very special keepsake.” – Jody @jojo_rara4


8. Martha’s Vineyard

Photo: Larisa in Martha’s Vineyard for Flytographer

“Our inspiration for this trip was we realized that almost all of our family photos taken in unique locations only have one parent standing with our infant daughter (since the other parent is taking the photo)! Also our daughter is growing so fast, and we wanted to capture her energetic and warm smile. This trip was also our first vacation as a family, so we wanted some beautiful photos to commemorate it!

This trip was our first family vacation, and it was a great bonding experience overall for my wife and I being parents for only 9-months! Picking a “baby-friendly” destination, packing and re-packing our car for what we might need, and bonding over new shared experiences as a “party of three” for the first times in our lives!” – Kathy & Billy @Ate_Kathy @thisisbs1


9. Tokyo

Photo: Daniel in Tokyo for Flytographer

“My favourite memory was seeing the joy in my toddler’s eyes as he explored the city, tasted the food, and experienced the culture was inspiring. Being that it was his and my mother’s first time to Japan, I am so glad to have captured some of those memories with the help of Daniel of Flytographer. Daniel was great to work with! We felt so comfortable during the photo session. He gave us some direction, but also allowed us to be natural. He was so pleasant and patient, waiting to get my 2 year old son’s attention to make sure he looked his way. Because of that, so many of our family shots came out better than we could have imagined! I would love to work with him again the next time when’re in Japan! This was such a great way to capture the memories for my family.” – Michelle @mchelle87


10. London

Photo: Jackie in London for Flytographer

“I went to London 5 years ago and absolutely fell in love, so when my mom expressed interest in going to Europe I knew exactly where to take her. We both love Christmas, and London was nothing short of magical during the holiday. My mother and I both loved the food in London, from DimSum to Sticky Toffee to afternoon tea, the dining experiences here were incredible. Can’t say enough how amazing Jackie was! My mom HATES photos, and Jackie made her actually enjoy the shoot. She gave great recommendations for local food and things to do, all while running us through a photo shoot.  The photos are amazing and they really captured some amazing memories for us.” – Heather @miss_heather_654

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