Your Vacation Photographers in Edinburgh: Meet Chantal & Scott

Meet Chantal & Scott

Your Vacation Photographers in Edinburgh: Meet Chantal & Scott

Chantal & Scott are available to shoot in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as outside the city in Loch Lomond.

We are a husband and wife team and we LOVE taking beautiful photos and capturing moments. Our style is natural, relaxed and romantic. We are usually shooting weddings, but often do couples' photo sessions and family portraits. We have been featured on many blogs including Ruffled, Burnett's boards, Love my Dress, Wedding Chicks and many more. We have had a few covers on the Scottish Wedding Directory which is a gorgeous Scottish Wedding Magazine. We were also nominated for the prestigious Vows awards in 2014 for Outstanding Customer Service!

Three Things

  1. We love discovering Scotland! Originally from Canada, Chantal is blown away by its beauty, even after 8 years of living here. Scott grew up in Glasgow and seeing Scotland through Chantal's eyes has changed his whole perception of his home country.
  2. We can't live without each other! (It may be cheesy, but we love the life we've created for each other and our growing family.)
  3. Chantal loves trees! We've had a few clients point out trees for backdrops and even plant trees in their back garden while thinking of us.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Edinburgh
We love all the Wynds off the Royal Mile. They have so much character and we adore the light here!

Languages Spoken
Chantal speaks English, French and Italian; Scott speaks English

Customer Love for Chantal & Scott

"Scott and Chantel were amazing and easy to work with and everything worked out smoothly! I couldn't have asked for a better shoot!" - Kyle

"Chantal and Scott were amazing photographers. My family and I felt so comfortable when we were with them. They really captured our trip for us. I love showing off my photos to my family and friends and hearing them all say 'WOW!'" - Stefanie