Your Vacation Photographer in Victoria: Meet Leanna

Meet Leanna

Your Vacation Photographer in Victoria - Leanna

Leanna has a 60-minute booking minimum in Victoria

I've been shooting professionally for 30 years. My style started out as candid imagery born from a love of light and colour, and then through training I learned more about classic lighting and portrait styling. I'd describe my style as free, full of light, and emotional; yet still precise. 

Three Things

  1. In addition to photography, I also do yoga, ride my bike, make wine, and cook big family dinners.
  2. One thing I can't live without is sunshine. I love being outside and breathing the mild ocean air.
  3. Most people are surprised to hear that we lived in Whistler for 26 years. Because it's really known as a tourist destination, people are intrigued that we made it our home for so long and raised our two kids there. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Victoria
I have a secret penchant for Cordova Bay, where the ocean views are wide and peaceful and the light is soft. I also love the colour and shapes of the historical downtown buildings, especially those near Chinatown and St. Ann's.

Languages Spoken
English, and I can get by in French & Italian (especially if we start talking food and wine!)