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Meet Wendy in Maui

I am an easy-going, adventurous person that loves photography, teaching fitness classes, and meeting new people! I have always tried to tell a story with my photography, but still take a moment or two to get a posed shot. I love to balance out a collection for my clients with close-ups, candids, landscape shots, and fun, in-the-moment pictures that really capture the feeling of the day.

Three Things

  1. I enjoy exploring Maui with my awesome husband, hiking, paddle-boarding, drinking coffee, saving recipes to try & then trying new restaurants, working out, and playing tour guide for friends and family.
  2. I can't live without laughter!
  3. My friends tell me I am a good dancer - so much so that I became a Zumba instructor, and that's how I got into teaching fitness classes!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Maui

Polo Beach

Languages Spoken


More Information

Wendy has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Maui.

Wendy requires a $50 travel fee for bookings in Kaanapali, Lahaina, Olowalu, Napili, and Kapalua. There is no additional charge for Wailea, Makena or Kihei. **Please note: Wendy is booked up until December 5, 2018.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Wendy

"We loved our Flytographer Wendy in Maui! We had a large family group, and she was able to make us all feel comfortable as well as accommodated for some mobility restrictions. It was such a fun, family-bonding experience." - Thea

"Wendy was great at putting our large group at ease, and she took wonderful pictures which will be treasured!  We will definitely recommend her - already have, in fact!" - Doris

"Wendy was excellent to work with.  She was accommodating, and truly captured the spirit of our favorite Hawaiian Island in her photos.  She took the time to scope out the location prior to the shoot and with her discerning photographer eye, knew exactly what shots were going to spotlight our family best." - Jennifer

"Wendy was absolutely fantastic! She made our first experience doing a photo shoot, as a couple, very comfortable. She gave us great direction and made us laugh the whole time. Would recommended her to anyone looking for photos in Maui!" - Laura

"We had an awesome time with Wendy on the beach and were absolutely blown away with our photos!" - Holly

"Wendy was incredible!  Not only did she capture the essence of our family in her amazing photos, but she made the session fun and memorable for us!" - Michelle

"Wendy was fantastic. She had great suggestions about time of day and location. She also really 'got' our family so the pictures look natural and very much like us. They are perfect!" - Melissa

"Wendy is amazing!  She was so easy to talk to and made us feel so comfortable.  We had so much fun with her and felt like we were hanging out with a good friend. She had great photo ideas and is truly talented.  She also knows the area very well and was super helpful.  I absolutely love our photos!" - Alicia

"We absolutely loved using Wendy. She was so easy to talk with and made sure the shoot included everyone and their special moment. She gave great direction, was accommodating and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera." - Heather

"Wendy was a perfect fit for our family and brought out the best in all 15 of us - form the 4 year olds to the um, older ones! She captured us beautifully and we all had a great time. Her pictures turned out beautifully." - Liz

"Wendy is amazing! I was super doubtful/sad that we were going to have great photos because the baby was sick, but Wendy remained so positive throughout the experience, made me feel better, and captured some amazing shots! The shoot went so smoothly even when there was a fussy baby thrown at her. We appreciate it so much." - Jenny

"Our experience with Wendy was amazing. We had a big group with multiple families and she made sure we had all of our must-haves and combinations." - Sojeva

"We loved our honeymoon session with Wendy! She picked out two unique spots for us to shoot - one was so special and out of this world. When I got the images, they blew me away. It perfectly captured out honeymoon, the closeness we feel for each other and the gorgeous setting of Maui, Hawaii." - Kate

"Wendy was wonderful to work with. We had a large group and she was very patient and a lot of fun. The photos turned out amazing and truly captured the love of our family and the beauty of Hawaii." - Voot

"We simply loved our photographer, Wendy. She had an engaging personality that really opened up my family and her pictures were just fabulous." - Tim

"We are so incredibly grateful for our images! Wendy did an AMAZING job! Our kiddos were being just wild, and she worked so well with them and was able to shoot such a beautiful balance of candids and portraits. She captured SO many images that we will treasure forever. This was our first trip as a family of four, to one of our favourite places in the world, so having these fabulous photos to capture this special time is truly priceless." - Kim

"We had such a fun time with Wendy; the hour flew by. (That's with a ten-month-old, no less!) My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much as the sun set and the shoot came to a close - my favourite feeling in the world. Already planning my next few trips and we will be using Flytographer, without a doubt.” - Shawna

"We had a wonderful experience with Wendy. She was very professional and flexible. Doing a photo shoot with a fidgety five year old is boy is a challenge but she was very understanding and went with the flow. We love our photos" -Fee

"Wendy was fantastic to work with! She scouted a great location, was so fun and easy to shoot with and knew exactly what we were looking for. These photos will be a great vacation memory for years to come." -Jennifer

"Our photo shoot turned out better than we could have imagined!  Wendy did an amazing job capturing our Hawaiian vacation.  The location, lighting and Wendy's professionalism all came together to provide us with pictures we will cherish!" -Maria

"Our photo shoot was so much fun. Wendy was our photographer and she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. It felt like we had known her for years. She made sure to capture the palm trees, ocean, and sunset just like I had requested. My photos are absolutely perfect!" - Erika

"We enjoyed our photo shoot in Maui with Wendy! From the start, she was warm, welcoming, and made our daughters feel comfortable. She captured a great mix of posed and candid photos. She selected a gorgeous location with an uncrowded beach. We will always remember Maui with these special family photos." - Jennifer

"Wendy was amazing. Our photographs were like pictures out of magazine!" - Sharon

"Wendy was incredible and we clicked with her right away, making the whole shoot so much fun and filled with laughter. We loved every minute of the sunset session and we will cherish these photos just as much as our wedding photos." - Katherine

"Wendy was lovely to shoot with. She was open to our ideas, made the time together fun (which is so important shooting with two young children) and gave great direction. She made sure to capture all the 'family photoshoot' shots, that we didn't even think of at the time, but are so grateful for now."- Kristine

"We had so much fun getting pictures done while on a family vacation in Maui. The pictures Wendy took are gorgeous, wonderful memories!" - Lauren

"Wendy went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and to get the photos we wanted! Her cheerful and easygoing personality made it feel more like an experience than a service being provided. She was absolutely fantastic!" - Chris

"We had an amazing experience with Wendy, and we are so happy with how the pictures turned out.  She was so great to work with and incredibly accommodating. She was friendly and really made us feel comfortable." - Jackie

"Wendy was amazing and managed to capture lots of fun shots, as well as the beautiful gorgeous beach Kapalua Bay. They are memories that we will cherish forever!" - Scarlett

"We loved everything about our photographer, Wendy! She made the shoot fun and efficient - both of which are critical at 6 am! She beautifully captured a special time in our lives and we couldn't love our photos more."- Sabrina

"We absolutely loved working with Wendy! She is so easy to talk to, free spirited and funny. She made us free comfortable being in front of the camera and provided great direction/suggestions for poses. She was also familiar with our location and seemed prepared as to which backgrounds would show up great! Not only was the final product amazing, we could truly feel and see her passion for photography. This isn't just a job for her, it's her passion and hobby which is why we loved our experience so much! Thank you Wendy! We will be cherishing these photos for a lifetime." - Toria

"Pretty blown away by the gorgeous photos! It's a special trip with my dad, who hasn't been able to travel for some years due to health issues, so to have this trip to Maui captured so spectacularly, it means a lot to our entire family! Wendy was awesome, so friendly and chill, clearly talented too! She was great with our wild bunch of kids. Impressed all around, with sincere thanks!" - Lyndsay

"We are super happy with the images that we received! Wendy was super patient and amazing! We really appreciate how she scouted out the places beforehand and had a back up location in mind when our young kids weren't comfortable with the chosen location when we got there. That ended up working perfectly and our kids had a wonderful time! There're so many favorite shots that we're having a hard time choosing [which ones] to display in our house. Thank you again!" - Stacey

"Wendy was excellent and patient, she captured some of the few moments my child smiled and cooperated." - Katie 

"Wendy was great to work with and our time with her flew by! She was super sweet and made us feel relaxed the entire time we were with her. And she's a natural with children - our daughter warmed up to her immediately.We had such fun experience and our photos are beautiful." - Shiloh

"Wendy did a great job with our family pictures in Maui.  She captured our family beautifully.  Our shoot was on schedule and our pictures were edited and back to us very quickly.  She provided us with a perfect location as well.  We would highly recommend her!" - Kelli

"Wendy was incredible. She made a (somewhat awkward) family of 6 feel very comfortable and the photos turned out amazing. They feel really authentic and captured our vacation very well." - Laura

"Wendy in Maui was fantastic! She quickly made everyone feel comfortable and was able to adjust the location on the fly when conditions didn't allow us to go with our original plan. We adore our family photos (and they were sent to us before our vacation was even over!)." - Janelle

"Wendy took pictures of our family trip in Maui.  We really appreciated her patience (there were 16 of us), sense of humour and obvious talent. We couldn't be more happy with the photos and want to thank Wendy for capturing this memorable family trip." - Leafe

"Wendy photographed our family of 13 in Maui and it was a fabulous experience! Wendy was patient, warm and so caring with our large group, ages four to 70! The photos we received exceeded our expectations and will be a special keepsake for each and every one of us for years to come." - Meghan 

"Our family is overjoyed with the experience and photos! The entire process was setup, organized and executed seamlessly (as always) - and Wendy was an absolute dream. It can be difficult to work with so many people during a photo shoot, but Wendy smiled and laughed throughout the entire thing. We can't thank Flytographer and Wendy enough for the lifetime of memories!" - Emily

"Wendy was a delight and captured us in stunning Maui. Love, love, love our time in Maui and can't wait to return. Wendy was spot on with her recommendation for the best Mai Tai in Maui :)" - Meagan

"Wendy was amazing, she was very outgoing and easy to work with, we even saw her a few days after the shoot and again she was very friendly and lovely! We decided to take pictures as it was our first family trip, and we are so glad we did. The pictures are amazing and a great memento of our trip." - Michelle

"Wendy was excellent! She was able to make a quick connection with us making us all feel comfortable, creating a fun natural shoot. She also had great ideas on locations for us to choose from." - K.E. 

"Wendy was absolutely amazing! We loved every minute of our photoshoot with her. She made us very comfortable and we had a great time. She was incredibly nice, laid back, flexible, and creative. I'm usually very picky about my photos, and I loved EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. she took!" - Ally

"Wendy was GREAT! Very personable and we got comfortable into early stages of chatting even before we started posing and jumping in the air. She knew exactly where and how to take the shots, and took some amazing photos. We are ecstatic with the turn out and it really is the cherry on top for our recent engagement! She even recommended activities and restaurants (which by the way, we definitely did right after the shoot, and wouldn't have been able to had it not been for her!) Thanks so much Wendy!" - Carlo

"Wendy did a perfect job with our photo shoot.  She knew how to guide us and give us prompts so our photos didn't  look staged.  We had a great time and an hour was plenty of time to get great shots." - Melissa 

"Wendy took amazing pictures of our son's first time touching sand & the ocean! We had so much fun during the shoot and we loved the candid shots." - Kamal

"We loved working with Wendy.  She was easy going and had so much patience with our young kids.  To top it off, our photos turned out beautiful." -Amanda

"We had an amazing photoshoot with Wendy in Maui. I couldn't be happier with the results. Wendy is so warm and friendly and made us all feel at ease. What can be a stressful experience was fun and memorable." - A.G.

"Wendy was great! She was awesome with the kids and was very flexible. The weather wasn't ideal for our Hawaiian beach pics we had in mind but they turned out lovely and we are excited to get them printed and up on our walls!" - Gina

"Wendy was absolutely incredible! She was extremely easy to be around and my kids adored her. The photos we received were completely beyond my expectation and captured my family perfectly.   I am so happy I will have them forever to remember our trip to Maui with." - Ashley 

"We loved everything about our Maui Sunset Session with Wendy. She was so wonderful and kind with our children and did an incredible job of show casing so many of Maui's beautiful back drops in our family pictures. The pictures she took will forever be treasured." - Denika 

"Wendy was so great - easy to have fun with and talk to. The boys in our group weren't as joyful as the girls that day, but we got some beautiful shots and she couldn't have been better at offering places to go and different shots to try. GREAT experience!" - Jackie

"Wendy has such a delightful personality - laughing with us and having fun with the kids!" - J.P.

"Wendy captured some beautiful moments that we will treasure forever!" - Amanda

"Wendy was absolutely amazing at capturing our honeymoon! She was a joy to work with. The pictures turned out incredibly and we will forever be able to remember our Hawaiian Honeymoon with them." - Danielle

"Wendy was amazing! She exceed our expectations for our photo shoot. The shots that she delivered, will stay with us for a lifetime. She put us at ease, and photographed us naturally. Thank you!" - Shannon

"Wendy is amazing! She is a very down to earth and bubbly person, who made my husband and I feel extremely comfortable the entire time. My husband even said he had a great time taking the photos." - Ali

"Wendy was amazing and I couldn't be happier with my photos!  I love that the photos are mine to download and save or print however I see fit. The memories of our dream vacation have been captured forever." - Katherine

"Wendy was amazing. We had just gotten engaged that afternoon and had our session planned for months already. She was able to quickly change the theme of our session to an engagement session. She was fun, talented and had a great eye. We are kind of a silly couple who loves to laugh and she was able to capture everything on film." - Candi

"Wendy was wonderful! She definitely knew the beaches well enough to choose one that would be beautiful and quiet enough in the morning to capture pics with not a lot of people around. It was a beautiful morning and we so appreciated Wendy's expertise!" - Jenni & Dave

"Wendy could not have been more lovely! She made everyone feel comfortable and did such a great job capturing the personality of our family. We are so grateful for the beautiful photos and will cherish them forever." -Laura

"Wendy was amazing! She was so easy to work with and thought of the best creative shots. We really had a fun time with the photo shoot. My wife and I are very pleased with the photographs and the quality, they look absolutely fantastic." - Evan 

"Wendy was simply awesome! She was so easy to work with and captured beautiful photos!" - Katie 

"Wendy was fantastic to work with. She managed to get our sometimes challenging little girl to smile and enjoy the photo shoot. We had a great time laughing and playing on the beach. Wendy captured many candid photos as well as some posed family pictures. They all came out amazing! We are more than happy with the photos and wouldn't hesitate to book Wendy again. Thanks again Wendy for the fabulous time and all the memories you helped us capture on the beach with our family." - Pam 

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