Your Vacation Photographer in Lake Tahoe: Meet Carly

Meet Carly

Your Vacation Photographer in Lake Tahoe: Meet Carly

Carly lives in North Lake Tahoe and requires a 60-minute minimum to shoot on the South Side. During winter (approx Dec - Mar), she is unavailable for the South Side. She is also available for minimum 60-minute bookings in Reno, except during winter.

I'm a fourth generation North Lake Tahoe native with a big, outgoing personality, a love of making people laugh and a bit of flair for the dramatic. After travelling the world running a private photo studio on a cruise line, I've found my happy place in portraits and wedding photography. I pride myself in having an eye for extraordinary detail in the most common of moments and a natural, journalistic style. 

Three Things

  1. I love to drive. Road trips are the ultimate freedom for me: windows down, music blaring, and hopefully a whole lot of sunshine!
  2. I absolutely can't live without coffee! I've tried to not have it and it just makes me an extremely grumpy person.
  3. I've mastered the art of line dancing with a camera in my hands. There are a few songs that require switching my camera around to not make me look even more ridiculous. Thank you, cruise ships!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Lake Tahoe
I love to shoot on Buck's Beach, also known as Speedboat Beach. It's considered a local's spot because it's quite hard to find.

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Carly

"Carly was so amazing! She made my husband and I feel very comfortable and made us laugh. She's very good at her job and you know she loves to do it!" - Yaya