Your Vacation Photographer in Florence: Meet Alice

Meet Alice

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Alice is also available for shoots in Tuscany.


I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Italy. I graduated from IED, European Design Institute, Visual Art in Milan. I love simple and direct photography, minimal compositions, the intuition of the moment - a style which is able to seize the fleeting moment and capture it in an image that has a powerful emotional impact. My photos are published on Wedding Wonderland.

Three Things

  1. I am a bookworm and I love travel. I love baking cakes and being with my golden retriever.
  2. One thing I can't live without is smiling. I always find the positive in people!
  3. I'm happy every time I have the camera in my hand.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Florence
The iconic Florence bridge & nearby streets

Languages Spoken
Italian, English, French, Spanish

Customer Love for Alice 

"Alice our photographer was great! She was easy going and was up for anything" — Rania (see blog post here)

"Our photographer Alice was really lovely and friendly and great to work with." - Sarahjane (see blog post here)

"Alice was very accommodating, sweet, and easygoing, and we were very much at ease with her behind the camera.  Alice also knew the city well and was quick thinking and flexible." - Colette

"Alice was amazing! It felt like we were on a private tour with the added bonus of an expert photographer to document the highlights." - James

"Alice made our experience in Florence very memorable! It was our first time in front of a professional camera together, but she was comfortable to work with and helped capture some beautiful shots! We will be using these special photos as our engagement memories." - Tamara

"One of the best things we did on our recent trip to Italy was our photo shoot with photographer Alice. She captured incredible moments for us." - Nikki

"Alice was absolutely amazing! Her energetic spirit made our shoot a great experience filled with laughs and memories. We are so thankful to have our trip documented so beautifully! Thanks you Alice & Flytographer!" - Britt

"Alice was very professional, punctual. The pictures capture very well what we wanted." - Lulia

"We are so happy that we chose Alice, she is an amazing photographer and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. During the engagement shoot, Alice encouraged us to share ideas for the photos, which combined with her natural talent, resulted in fantastic photographs. Her natural, candid style complimented our playful personalities which are apparent in the photographs." - Marc

"Alice was absolutely wonderful! She made our time in Florence with her super relaxed and easy. Alice didn't waste any time--which we appreciated--and got the best light possible. Loved her energy and would definitely recommend her!" - Torrey