Your Vacation Photographer in Cancun: Meet Santi

Meet Santi


Your Vacation Photographer in Cancun: Meet Santi

Santi is available to shoot all over Cancun for minimum 60 minutes sessions and for Isla Mujures for 60 minutes plus a small travel fee. He also offers underwater shoots in the Cenote for minimum 3 hours shoot.


Once I grab my camera, I stop being myself and become a storyteller. My goal is to be able to transport the people who look at my photos to that moment or that place that will be preserved forever for them. More than being a photographer, I like being a friend who comes along to document from the very important detail to the things that sometimes people don't get to see. Originally from Uruguay, the hunger for discovering the world brought me to Mexico 5 years ago. I fell in love with the beautiful landscape and the deep blue sea.

Three Things

  1. My love for nature makes me look for places not far from it. I have never lived in a big city, with a lot of traffic and tons of pollution. I find the peace in the green, the blue and the sunshine.
  2. I spend my time with my new rescued partner, Mateo my dog, and with friends swimming, surfing, diving and trying all different things with the nature surrounding us all the time.
  3. The fact that I am a foreigner in Mexico brings up a lot of jokes about my accent. My friends always make fun of me, even though Spanish is my native tongue! 

Favourite Place to Shoot  
I find that shooting in Playa del Carmen, by the Mayan ruins and Playacar is ideal because within a 15 minutes walk, you have the green with the ruins, the blue with the sea and also the urban style in the 5th avenue.

Languages Spoken
Spanish, English, and some Portuguese

Customer Love for Santi

"Santi is the BEST!  Everything was perfect - he chose the perfect spot to capture our fun family photos!" - Lura

"Santi was wonderful and was able to put our family at ease with his friendly, relaxed and warm style. He had some great suggestions for photographs and really respected ideas that we had.  We really enjoyed meeting him, and after the shoot, we all agreed how fun it was to do it!" - LW

"Santi was awesome! He was patient and professional while working with us, always doing his best to make us feel comfortable and relaxed." - Shelia

"Having Santi do our photoshoot was a dream! He was patient, friendly and very creative with his pictures. You can tell that photography is his passion and he loves what he does which explains the most beautiful shots." - Jo

"Great pictures! Santi did a great job!" - Jamie

"Santi was fantastic. We loved his creativity and patience...making sure we had the right shots in the right places." - Cory

"Santi did an amazing job capturing my story through the lens. Communication before the trip was informative and helped me prepare for a smooth shoot. While I'm terrified by water, he was patient and gave me suggestions till I was more comfortable. By the end I was excited to stay under water!" - Beatrice