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I am a glass half full kind of girl that enjoys both the sunshine and the rain. Coming from the fashion industry, specifically e-commerce, I fell in love with photographing people, because it is so much more dynamic and emotional than landscapes. I aim for people to have fun on my shoots. My theory is: if you are having fun I won't need to pose you nor ask you to smile. Those things will just happen naturally and spontaneously. I am a incessant light seeker; the sun, the rain and the clouds are my allies and I try to make the most of them when I'm planning a shoot.

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    Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, French, and very basic Norwegian
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: The Garraf Beach at sunrise, or the Horta Labyrinth.

Three Things

  1. I originally studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins in London, and began designing rum bottles fresh out of university. A few months later I was offered a position at Burberry in London where I was working as a Visual Merchandiser. Six months later I moved to the C.A.D. department where half of my job was assisting the shoe and bag designers, and the other half was photographing e-commerce. After 5 years I started working freelance for them, only coming back to photograph the season's e-commerce items and I paired this with photographing families, and weddings whilst also working as a freelance photographer for companies like Prada, Conde Nast, Diageo, and Monocle.
  2. When I am not photographing I love going on hikes with my husband and two kids, and paddle surfing away with my two rays of sunshine on my board.
  3. I am Spanish with an American accent, and I have lived in 5 different countries.

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Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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