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From Budapest to Bali, Zanzibar to Zagreb, and hundreds of other cities in between, Flytographer captures priceless vacation memories for travellers from around the world. We work with top local photographers who take pride in delivering only the very best in both product and service. As the original global vacation photography company, Flytographer’s attention to quality and customer experience has ensured that we remain the leader in this space. Ready to join us?

Be part of a hand-picked, close-knit team of professional photographers from around the world.

Take bookings that fit around your schedule! We take care of the marketing and customer communication, you take care of the photography.

Meet cool travellers and show off your city, all while doing what you love!

Our Photographers

Every professional photographer in our global community is hand-selected for their incredible skills, personality and local knowledge. They all work full-time in their own business and wrap Flytographer shoots around their schedule. Our photographers love being a part of something bigger than themselves while making true connections with colleagues and customers from all over the world. Each one goes through a curated portfolio review and interview before being invited to join, and our standards are high – we are all about excellence and adhering to our values in every aspect. Above all, our photographers love how fun and easy our shoots can be, showing travellers their favourite parts of the city and capturing precious vacation memories.

Our Values

  • Growth

  • Respect for Diversity

  • Community

  • Excellence

  • PPJ (Passion, Personality, Joy)

Our Community

Flytographer has an amazing international community of 500+ professional photographers working across multiple genres. We share values and traits such as high levels of customer service, open-mindedness, curiosity, and a commitment to excellence. We connect online through our Facebook community and offline at one of our Global Meetups, where we network, brainstorm, enjoy photo walks, learn, eat, drink, laugh and more! Many friendships and artistic collaborations have been born from this incredible community, and it just gets richer and richer with every new face.

“For me, the meetup changed Flytographer from being a global network into a global family. Spending time with and learning from all those amazing people was food for my soul. I didn’t stop smiling for 4 days. I feel really special to be part of Flytographer.”

Emma in Palma de Mallorca

“The meetup is the best way to connect with our global community, make new friends, exchange experiences and the most important: have fun! There’s no photographer’s conference better than Flytographer!”

Vanessa in Dublin

“It was an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded people–they inspired me! I am so grateful to have met these talented photographers from the around the world. Not only did I learn a lot, but we formed great friendships.”

Tracy in Amman

“This is my favourite event every year! I’ve gone to all the meetups and I’ve never met so many like-minded, fun, creative new friends! This is must-do for every photographer in the Fly family.”

Krystal in Paris

What We Look For

We look for six core things when partnering with professional photographers:

Awesome Human Beings

You are kind, fun, and connect easily with people – we’d want to grab a drink with you after a shoot!

Unbending Passion

You love your job and, like us, are passionate about changing the way people remember their vacations.

Amazing Talent and Modern, Fresh Style

Your images are inspiring, moving and tell a story. You have the skills and experience to produce truly beautiful work.

You Truly Love Your City

You are excited to show off your amazing city to travellers and share your local ‘insider’ tips.

Professional Work Ethic

You arrive on time, you deliver results, and you understand the importance of an incredible customer experience.

Value Alignment

You believe in and stand for the same things we do: Growth; Respect for Diversity; Excellence; Community; PPJ.

Professional Requirements

  1. At least 2 years professional experience in lifestyle, ‘human-based’ photography (such as a wedding or family photographer, as opposed to specializing in wildlife or studio).
  2. Your professional portfolio should clearly demonstrate a match with our style (light, bright, flattering, natural). See our blog for great examples.
  3. A solid conversational level of English is necessary, and multiple languages are most definitely welcome!

Do you have what we are looking for?

Apply now! We welcome applications from every city.

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