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Photography has been my passion since I was a little girl running around taking photos of my friends. I love showing people the beauty I see in them. The goal of my photography is to capture the genuine emotions of my clients and have fun doing so! I capture love, light, and laughter, and let the photos tell your story.

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Michelle F. 's Portfolio
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Michelle F.

My goal is to photograph people as naturally and easily as possible. The focus isn’t on getting traditional “smile-at-the-camera” portraits, it is on your relationships.

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Cassie's Portfolio
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I'm a grade A romantic - in love with the world, its people, and the passions that we all share. From discovering the next story beyond the bend to capturing those memories into priceless photographs, every photo session serves as a lasting reminder of the overwhelming power of the human connection. Throughout the entire process of capturing someone's personalized story, I work to discover the unique angles and lighting adjustments that help create an extra layer of artistic feeling to an image.

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Cherlyn's Portfolio
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I've worked many jobs over my lifetime but since having kids, and also losing my mom, I decided that instead of telling my kids to chase after their dreams, like my mom had, that I would take my own advice and make my dream into a reality. It was a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights, but it was all worth it to get to where I am today. I would describe my photography style as documentary or lifestyle with an editorial flair. I aim to capture love & life in its genuine glory. My work has been featured in Poptastic Bride, Mazelmoments and The Lovely Bay. I am also a member of Fearless Photographers and the WPJA.

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Julie's Portfolio
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I am a southern girl at heart with a love for tradition, small talk, and home cooking. I love meeting new people, getting to hang out with them, and candidly photographing real moments in their relationships. I want you to whole-heartedly enjoy the time with your family and friends without a thought to the work going on behind my camera. I often step back in order to capture relaxed photographs of my clients, but I will give guidance if needed and direct you toward a beautiful location or lighting.

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Welcome to the Napa & Sonoma Valleys!

Get delightfully immersed in California's wine country: wander amongst the picturesque vineyards; sample the wares in ornate tasting rooms; discover world-class restaurants tucked into estate farms; and feel your troubles melt away at one of the many luxury spas dotted throughout the region.

Explore Iconic Spots in Napa-Sonoma

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Winery & Vineyard Wandering; Castello di Amarosa; Bale Grist Mill State Park; Mount St. Helena; or your own custom route.

Napa-Sonoma Points of Interest

  • Winery & Vineyard Wandering
  • Castello di Amarosa
  • Bale Grist Mill State Park
  • Mount St. Helena

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