Team Flytographer's 2nd Global Meetup

Polaroids by Flytographer Mankica

At Flytographer, we have a pretty amazing team of photographers around the world, and though we are in constant contact with them over email and Skype, nothing can compare to meeting with them in the flesh. For that reason, we are so excited to host an annual meetup to give our team and our photographers an opportunity to connect in person.

Johnny from NYC & Mankica from Ljubljana so happy to see each other again this year!

Marian from Lake Como & Erin from Maui enjoying a laugh. Flytographer: Johnny

Roberta from Rome & Serena from Venice. Flytographer: Johnny

Last year, we kicked off the tradition in Paris for our inaugural event, and this spring, it was all about Barcelona. We packed our bags and flew from our HQ in Canada to meet approximately 20 photographers in this sultry and sophisticated Spanish city; these professionals hailed from cities in Slovenia and Portugal, France and USA … and more! To say that we had fun and forged amazing connections would be selling the meetup short; this was a game-changer on many levels for most of us.

At the wine bar. Flytographer: Vanessa

Erin from Maui, Johnny from NYC, Mankica from Ljubljana & Gonçalo from Paris huddle up for a selfie. Flytographer: Krystal

When photographers get together, there is no shortage of conversation, and it flowed as easily as the delicious wine. For our first planned event, we were hosted by the lovely Zona d’Ombra in the Gothic Quarter, where we sampled both white and red wines as well as an assortment of tapas. We laughed and talked and laughed some more until we closed the wine bar down. 

On the Food Tour in La Boqueria. Flytographer: Marian

Trying out a Barcelona specialty on the Food Tour: Cacaolat! Flytographer: Marian

Fresh strawberries at La Boqueria. Flytographer: Marian

Our first full day kicked off with our partner, Context Tours, who hosted us for three separate private tours. The first group headed to La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous public food market, for a specialized food tour. The second group was introduced to the historic Gothic Quarter, and the third discovered the Raval neighbourhood, touted as Gothic’s “cooler” cousin. Attending a Context Tour is truly fascinating - the docents are very knowledgeable and give you that "deep travel" experience that is so satisfying. You really come away feeling like you didn't just visit an area, but really explored.

Strolling past the Keith Haring AIDS mural on the Raval Tour. Flytographer: Martina

Serena from Venice posing in an interesting doorway on the Gothic Quarter Tour. Flytographer: Francisco

Johnny from NYC leading a workshop in the park. Flytographer: Natalie

Marian from Lake Como demonstrates a shot with James from Nice. Flytographer: Martina

Good food, good company, good weather - la dolce vita! Serena from Venice & Gonçalo from Paris. Flytographer: Vanessa

We all reconvened after the tours at Parc de la Ciutadella, where we found a grassy spot in the shade to enjoy a picnic and collaborate on various aspects of photo-making. We shared tips, tricks, and unique ideas to improve practice and product. The level of creativity and experience in this group is astounding!

Gonçalo B from Lisbon. Flytographer: Marian

Pono from Honolulu captured all the video footage for the meetup. Flytographer: Roberta

Checking out the results on Johnny's camera. Flytographer: Marian

Mankica from Ljubljana showing some polaroids to our founder, Nicole. Flytographer: Marian

After a short break in the late afternoon, our photographers met, cameras in hand, for a golden hour photowalk in the Born district. The photography gods smiled down on us when we came upon a small, closed square that was bathed in perfect pink light and nearly devoid of people (aside from a few kids scootering around and a couple tourists). For nearly an hour, we played in that square, posing each other, practicing different angles and shots, and just generally having the time of our lives. Our photographers love what they do, and the joy in having this space and being with affable colleagues was clear, based on the sound of laughter in that square.

The scene in the square: cameras, kids, and plenty of pink light. Captured by Michelle

Marian from Lake Como knows that a perfect shot is worth dirty clothes. Captured by Michelle

The money shot! Flytographer: Marian

Martina from Barcelona generously acted as our model during the photowalk. Flytographer: Natalie

James from Nice & Vanessa from Dublin in photographer's heaven. Flytographer: Johnny

We took turns getting our photo taken against the wall. Gonçalo in Paris. Flytographer: Vanessa

James from Nice kept us in stitches, as seen here with Natalie from Atlanta. Flytographer: Vanessa

Martina from Barcelona. Flytographer: Orlando

Our favourite group photo. Captured with Johnny's camera.

Our second and last full day saw us at Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I, a beautiful hotel with sweeping gardens all around. Fairmont is one of our global partners, and we are grateful that they offered to host us on one of our meetup days. After some more collaborating, brainstorming and learning, we ended our time at Fairmont with a glass of cava in the garden and more fun group shots. 

Mankica from Ljubljana looking over the lobby in the Fairmont Hotel. Flytographer: Martina

The very cool (and extremely kind) Roberta from Rome in the Fairmont's newly renovated lobby. Flytographer: Gonçalo B

Martina from Barcelona sharing some of her images. Flytographer: Marian

Johnny from NYC discussing how he set up a shot. Flytographer: Marian

Mankica from Ljubljana shooting some polaroids. Flytographer: Vanessa

Our last evening ended on a high note: drinks and tapas at our rented townhouse, followed by an impromptu night out at a local karoake bar. (We discovered many of our photographers could also moonlight as performers, FYI.) Sadly, our time together ended too soon, as many photographers had to rush home to be back for their weekend shoots.

Marian from Lake Como helping prepare the food, right before everyone arrived for our final evening together. Flytographer: Gonçalo B 

Since returning home, one of the best products of this meetup has been witnessing the outpouring of love and support across our team social media channels. We connected on such a profound level - it was an easy, fun and meaningful meeting of like-minded professionals. Our photographers told us that they simply love what they do: from meeting travellers to capturing stories to producing great photos. We hear from customers and photographers alike how often they come away from a shoot feeling like they are now friends - and with evidence of this kind of energy and love playing out in Barcelona, it is easy to see why!

Pure joy! Who wouldn't want to hang out with these people? James from Nice. Flytographer: Krystal

Marian from Lake Como & Mankica from Ljubljana. Flytographer: Johnny

Impromptu group shot with James from Nice as best photobomber ever. Flytographer: Johnny

Serena from Venice. Flytographer: James

Some photography companies donated prizes for giveaways during our event, and we would like to thank ON1Design AglowFloThemesCraft&Vision, and ThinkTank for their generosity. 

(p.s. You know you have been with photographers when you are swimming in a sea of post-event photos - and each more beautiful than the last, which means it is no easy feat to narrow selections down for a blog post!)

Polaroid by Flytographer Mankica

“I am proud to be a part of a team of selected photographers who are amazing people as well as brilliant photographers. It feels like I have friends all over the world!” - Mankica

If you know a hard-working, amazing photographer that puts top-notch customer service first, ask them to apply! We are currently hiring in select cities, but all applications are kept on file.