Solo Travelers & Vacation Photos: Beyond Selfies & Lame Stranger Shots

I travel solo quite a bit (work and personal trips). When I went to Rome last year I desperately wanted evidence I'd actually been there. The uninspiring 'SELFIE' below was the BEST photo I got the ENTIRE trip. The rushed/awkward stranger shots I got were even worse. Hello 7 chins! I knew there had to be a better option... somehow.So, consider Flytographer on your next trip and capture memories that are fun and flattering. The bonus? You get to spend time with a local and see parts, hear tales you'd otherwise not discover.

Recently we captured a couple of lovely ladies; Natalie on business in London and Silvia enjoying her hometown of Lisbon.  "Love the concept, had a great shoot and love the shots! What a fun experience...already thinking of where I can hire Flytographer next!"        ---Natalie"YOU ARE THE BEST, Flytographer!! Thank you for this perfect, perfect souvenir of Lisbon, Portugal!"     ---SilviaHave YOU ever traveled solo? How did you capture memories? Selfies, via strangers or none at all? Would you consider hiring a vacation photographer? Tell us!

PS - We thought we'd share some good 'Solo Traveler' tips from Hipmunk.

London Photographer: Julie Kim Lisbon Photographer: Gonçalo Barriga