NYC Proposal Photographer

New York City is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world! 🗽 There’s nothing like a trip to NYC—whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a longer celebration, the city that never sleeps is the perfect place to visit, and the perfect spot for a surprise engagement! 💍

Here at Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photoshoots and have captured over four million memories worldwide. 🌎 The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Explore the city with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your trip forever. 👍 Today, we asked our NYC photographers to share all the best tips for a surprise proposal. Are you getting started on your proposal planning and wanting some NYC proposal ideas? Read on! →



Photo: Armando in San Miguel de Allende for Flytographer (taken in NYC). Candelario and Adamaris capture their proposal in New York City at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Proposal Photoshoot Locations in New York City

One of our favourite things about selecting a proposal spot in New York City is that the choices are practically endless. 💫 Every block of the city brings a new energy and landscape, so whatever wish you have to help make your marriage proposal just right for you and your lover, you’ll find it here! ❣️

  1. Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO: If you want a picture-perfect backdrop that leaves zero questions about where you are in the world, our Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO route is a 10/10. 📸 Just across the East River from Manhattan is the borough of Brooklyn; the waterfront of DUMBO and along Brooklyn Bridge Park give you the Manhattan city skyline and jaw-dropping views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges! 🤩 
  1. Gapstow Bridge & Skyline: Some of the best views of Manhattan in Manhattan can be seen from Gapstow Bridge and the tall rocks located in the southeast corner of Central Park. Nearby is the Plaza Hotel, and the stroll along 5th Avenue (known for world-class museums and shopping 🛍) offers views of both the park and the skyscrapers reaching high into the clouds. No matter the time of year, these views are something truly special. 💓
  2. Central Park: Central Park is a dreamy respite from the chaos and bustle of the city, and it’s impossible to visit here without seeing familiar backdrops amidst the foliage and tall buildings. 😍 The highlights of Central Park include the iconic Bethesda Fountain, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge, and Mall, and with all these gems ⛲️ in close proximity to one another, this option makes it the perfect area for NYC proposal photography.

If you’re feeling inspired but still curious about what else NYC has to offer, be sure to check out even more of our NYC routes.. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect spot for your proposal photoshoot!

Photo: Armando in San Miguel de Allende for Flytographer (taken in NYC). Candelario and Adamaris capture their proposal in New York City at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photo: Monika in NYC for Flytographer. Joey and Caroline capture their proposal in New York City at the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park.

Photo: Marilyn in NYC for Flytographer. Dillon and Katie capture their proposal in New York City in Central Park.

What to Wear for Your NYC Proposal

Weather in New York City isn’t known for its subtlety, so be sure to check out the forecast and be prepared with layers for your trip! 🌡 For your proposal itself, we recommend coordinating with your soon-to-be-fiancé, perhaps with the ruse of dinner or other reservations, to make sure you’re both looking photo-ready! 💃

  1. Summer-chic. If you’re proposing in the late spring through early fall, you’re likely to experience summertime weather of some sort. Embracing breezy layers, options for showing a little skin, plus cute and comfy shoes complete this summer-chic ensemble. 👗
  2. Colour and pattern coordination. We love coordination even more than we love matching! Balancing out coordinating colours and patterns, starting with a piece you love, is a perfect way to ensure you look polished, put together, and perfect in photos! 👏
  3. Elevated but simple. You can never go wrong with classics, but what about kicking them up a notch? Finding a classic piece and elevating it ⬆️ is a sure way to take your photos to the next level. We love the idea of embracing new shapes and incorporating interesting fabrics and patterns on well-cut pieces as the perfect upgrade for hip and chic New York City! 😎 

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Max and Shayda capture their proposal in NYC at McCarren Park.

Photo: Anna in NYC for Flytographer. Deepak and Swathi capture their proposal in New York City at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photo: Kari in NYC for Flytographer. Aileen and partner capture memories in New York City in DUMBO.

Choosing Your NYC Proposal Photographer

All of our proposal photographers in New York City are highly vetted and not only take amazing photos, but are also wonderful resources for what to eat, see and do on your special engagement trip to NYC! Be sure to ask your local Flytographer for their personal recommendations and they will be delighted to share some of their favourite hidden gems with you. 💎

Although all of our professional photographers are awesome, we recommend choosing someone whose style and aesthetic match your goals. Browse each photographers portfolios, read their reviews and pick someone who you think you’ll get along with based on their bio. The galleries on our location pages also point out the season and time of day, so you’ll get an even better idea of what to expect from your final gallery. 📸

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Camila and Laura capture their proposal in New York City on 5th Avenue.

Proposal Photoshoot Posing Tips

There are some things that make engagement photos different than typical couples photography, so let’s talk briefly about posing tips and photo ideas! 💡

  1. Down on one knee. Starting with the most obvious—prepping for that perfect proposal shot! It’s important to face one another, with your side to the background you’re hoping for, allowing your photographer to capture those perfectly iconic proposal images. One of our favourite tips? Don’t forget to pick out good socks! 🧦 Those babies will definitely be shown, so don’t forget to wear matching socks on proposal day. 😉
  2. Show off the ring. That ring is as new and shiny as it’ll ever be, so show it off! 💍 Surely everyone in your life is going to ask you for a ring photo, and no iPhone 🤳 photo will ever look as spectacular as a high-quality image from your pro! Showing off your new bling is exciting and special, so work iiiiit! 
  3. Eyes on you and the view. Take this time to enjoy each other! Your photographer will be busy capturing the stunning city views around you, so enjoy one another! 🥰 Using this time to stare into each other’s eyes and catching up on all that transpired in the last hours (or weeks, or months, or years…) makes for genuine smiles, authentic reactions, and perfect photos.
  4. Take a seat and snuggle up. For all the standing, walking, dancing, and posing you’ll do during your proposal photoshoot, taking a few moments to have a seat and snuggle up rests your feet, and lets you cuddle together and reflect on your love story. 🤗

For even more posing ideas, be sure to check out this post.

Photo: Anna in NYC for Flytographer. Reed and Heather capture their proposal in New York City at Washington Square Park.

Photo: Monika in NYC for Flytographer. B&K capture their proposal in New York City at the Summerhouse at the Dene.

Photo: Sehee in NYC for Flytographer. Ashwin and Maria capture their proposal in New York City at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tips for Your NYC Engagement

Proposing tends to fill the proposer with a lot of nerves, so take that into consideration when you think about the timing of your proposal! 😅 We like to recommend earlier rather than later during your trip—leaving you the rest of your vacation to celebrate your engagement. Speaking of timing, mornings are often quieter than midday and evening throughout the city, so don’t be afraid to lean into your chosen photographer’s expertise for tips on your specific location, timing, and other local factors that will take stress off your plate for your unique proposal! ⌚️ 

For more tips on how to make your engagement special and seamless, be sure to check out this post about what not to do (namely, the 10 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Proposing)! 👀 

Photo: Amanda in NYC for Flytographer. Naoko and partner capture memories in Central Park with a couples photoshoot.

Photo: Anna in NYC for Flytographer. Kyle and Grace capture their proposal in New York City at the Edge with the skyline views.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a proposal photographer cost in NYC?

Our proposal package pricing starts at $385 USD for a 30-minute session. Easily book a trusted, local photographer in NYC. We’ll organize all the details and share our expert tips to ensure your proposal in NYC goes according to plan. Make the moment last a lifetime with beautiful photos to look back on together, relive the memories, and share with friends and family when you return home. 

How far in advance should you book a photographer for a proposal?

Our rule of thumb is as soon as possible after booking your trip to NYC. Once you know your travel dates (and that you are planning to propose), scheduling your proposal photoshoot first will make it easier to plan the rest of your travel activities around that. Our photographers book up quickly—especially in the busy summer season—so book well in advance to secure your preferred date!

Is it normal to hire a photographer for a proposal?

Yes! Capturing this special time is priceless. Hiring a professional proposal photographer to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment adds to the sentiment for both you and your partner; having beautiful photos to look back on the moment you popped the question in New York City will enable you to relive the moment for years to come. ☺️

How important are proposal pictures?

Proposal pictures have become a treasured addition to tons of proposals—particularly if you’re proposing in a dreamy location like New York City! Having photos of your engagement and your trip to New York City is a double bonus, and asking a pro who has done this more than a few times before means you’re sure to have stunning professional images that you can cherish endlessly.

What is the difference between proposal photos and engagement photos?

A proposal photoshoot is oftentimes a surprise and centres around the moment when the proposer plans to get down on one knee and pop the question. Proposal photos take you back to that special moment! An engagement photoshoot, on the other hand, happens after you are already engaged to capture the excitement and share the news with family and friends.

Photo: Kari in NYC for Flytographer. Bradley and Jonathan capture their proposal in New York City on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Capturing Proposal Memories in New York City

Your “Will you marry me?” moment deserves to be captured, and New York City is such a magical destination for you to ask your love to be yours forever! There’s more to the city than Times Square, and no matter the proposal location you choose, our NYC proposal photographers can’t wait to be there with you to help capture these memories so they last a lifetime! 🥂