Set in the dreamy lavender fields in Provence, France . . . this has to be one of our most gorgeous proposal shoots to date.

Every now and then a gallery comes through and the entire Flytographer team goes wild. Well, buckle up because this proposal is one of the shoots!

Samuel knew that he wanted to pop the question when they were visiting Provence, France. For those of you who don’t know, this is where you can find some of the most stunning lavender fields in the world! The proposal had to be perfect, so Samuel decided to enlist the help of local Flytographers Andrea and Cyril, two of our talented vacation photographers (who also happened to be husband and wife).

When the day of the ‘photo shoot’ arrived, Flytographer Andrea, Samuel and his unsuspecting girlfriend met up as planned and they started taking pictures as they made their way towards the lavender.  Not far away, among the rows of breathtaking lavender, Flytographer Cyril, was there waiting with the string quartet. As they got closer to the string quartet, Andrea suggested that they get their picture taken with the musicians. So as she snaps away, they all of a sudden begin to play the couple’s favourite song and next thing you know, Samuel was down on one knee. Her answer? She said yes of course!

You may or may not even want to share this with someone who may need some inspiration or a not so discreet hint . . .