Want to get the best photos possible on your next vacation? Try these tips below…


1. Keep ‘em Moving
Don’t lollygag too much or little feet will get bored, stat. Give them an activity, “find this, race here, or skip, hop, jump”. If something isn’t working, don’t overwork a scene.


2. Squat 
Get down on their level. Like literally, squat. It can help kids feel more at ease. BONUS – it’s good for your thighs!

Tips for Taking Family Vacation Photos. Kids

3. Ask Ridiculous Questions
Ask ridiculous (age-appropriate) questions or have them ask each other. “What colour underwear does a monkey wear?” See if you can stop the uncontrollable laughter.  


4. A Prop or Two 
It can make things fun and encourage “the silly”. Umbrellas, lollipops, a sketch pad if you are near an iconic spot, or even simple pinwheels. 


5. Pass the Power 
Give them some control. “Do you want to walk towards the bridge or to the fountain?” Dare them to do something. “I bet you can’t wear a pineapple hat, jump over that rock!”


6. Be Patient 
Their energy can wax and wane. Wait for the bursts and you will be rewarded.


Okay, so now you’ve got taking great family vacation photos of your kids covered. But don’t forget to get yourself in the photo too!