Your Vacation Photographer in Dubai: Meet Akemi

Meet Akemi

Your Vacation Photographer in Dubai: Meet Akemi

Akemi can shoot any length in the desert, the beach or Miracle Garden, but requires a 60-minute minimum booking for downtown Dubai (including Old Dubai).


My passion for photography started as an avid backpacker off the beaten track. I still love exploring new places and corners of the city I live in but once I became a mom, I started specializing in family photography. I'm passionate about capturing authentic moments and feelings. My photography style is bright, natural and timeless. I love back-lit images and movement shots!

Three Things

  1. My background is in Criminology but life took another turn - many other turns in fact! I've lived in five countries in the last 15 years and am a trained ESL teacher and proud mom of two gorgeous small boys. 
  2. I definitely couldn't live without family, friends, sports and coffee!
  3. Everyone knows I can't boil an egg and my fridge is (often) empty.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Dubai
For me, the desert is just magical!

Languages Spoken
English, German


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