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Meet Paola in Milan

I'm a wedding photographer, dreamer, technology addict, cat lover and globetrotter. I prefer sincere smiles and genuine posing for my couples and models. My pictures have been featured in important Italian newspapers and magazines (like Corriere della Sera, Repubblica and Vanity Fair) and in several international wedding blogs.

Three Things

  1. When I'm not taking pictures I love to travel and discover new places and cultures. I love watching TV with my boyfriend and my cat (yes! she loves Breaking Bad!), thriller movies and classic literature books.
  2. I can't live without my dreams. Dreaming is everything to me.
  3. I'm in a constant struggle with my hair! I don't like my natural color and I dye it all the time (sooner or later it'll all fall out!!). I was in high school when I decided to dye my hair black. Fun fact is that I bought the wrong tint and found myself with navy blue hair for weeks!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Milan

My favourite spot is Piazza Mercanti and its colonnades, an intimate place from where you can see the beautiful Duomo.

Languages Spoken

Italian, English, a bit of Spanish

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Paola

"Paola was fantastic! " - Lisa

"I loved working with Paola and am extremely happy with the photos. Paola knew the environment very well and made the shoot feel natural." - T.J.

"I had such an amazing time doing my photoshoot with Paola. She was personable and an amazing photographer!" - Hatty

"Paola was great. She understood what we were looking for in a photos shoot and delivered. We love our photos and the memories of the trip!" - Paula 

"It was great to have Paola as our photographer - it didn’t feel like we had a photographer with us at all! I absolutely loved her style of unobtrusive photography. It was like having a local friend walk the streets of Milan with you and giving you an insider’s point of view about where locals hang out." - Jean (see blog post here)

"Paola was the best.  If you are seeking for a photographer in Milan, look no further.  We had only known her a few minutes and we were completely comfortable having her take our photos.  She has an amazing eye and it comes through beautifully in our honeymoon photos!" - Brandon & Mai

"Paola was wonderful, flexible and accommodating! We were able to locate her easily.  The photos turned out even better than I expected...a perfect souvenir!" -Krista

"The photos turned out amazing and they are something we will cherish forever. Paola, captured priceless moments that we could have never gotten on our own." - Katherine

"Paola was absolutely incredible. Our photo shoot with her was the highlight of our trip to Milan. We had the best time!" - Adriana

"I too am a photographer, so I know very well the power of a photograph &  how it can take you back to a special time!  I traveled to Milan with my son, this was a very special little trip, one that I will always treasure & now we have beautiful photos that we are both in together. This was so special!" - Laura

"I really recommend Paola! she was great we had a lovely time with her during the shoot, she was adaptable and really chill!" -LV

"Amazing work! We are so pleased! Paola was great, she suggested a surprising route, which we had missed, and the result was very impressive." - Abner

"All we can say is, "wow!".  We met Paola who was friendly and very easy to work with.  Her knowledge of the city of Florence and the best places to capture it's beauty helped make these some of the best pictures of our family ever!" - DS

"Flytographer made my engagement proposal overseas flawless and almost effortless! Paola gave us portraits that will last us a lifetime." - Corey

"The communication and planning put my mind at ease when the moment came for the proposal. I highly recommend this company and Paola. I couldn't be more happy." - RJ

"Paola was very warm and friendly and we were able to explore a part of Milan that we had not seen previously. The process was fun! We really loved the freedom to be ourselves and to be captured in a genuine way." - Christelle

"Paola our photographer was amazing; even in the rain she had great ideas of where to go and make our pics look fantastic. We definitely recommend!" - Chet

"Paola is talented, professional, made us feel comfortable and was a great Milan tour guide!" - Greg

"Paola was wonderful! After just a few minutes we felt we had made a new friend." - Heather

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