Your Vacation Photographer in Melbourne: Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle

Michelle is available for minimum 60-minute bookings.

I'm a photographer & film-maker mostly working with people in creative, commercial & corporate industries. On weekends I'm often photographing weddings around regional Victoria. I travelled around the world working & taking photos for fun before I had the guts to come back to Australia & start my own photography business in 2006. It's all been leading towards this, basically!

Three Things

  1. I love playing my guitar, traveling, pottering in my garden & hanging out with my family & friends.
  2. I can't live without music! It pumps me up when I need to get going & chills me out when I need to wind down.
  3. A  fact that few people know about me is my interpretive dance skills that only come out in our loungeroom at home. Very few people are lucky (or unlucky!) enough to have been subjected to this spectacle.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Melbourne
I love photographing around the Melbourne CBD as there's so much variety within walking distance.

Languages Spoken
English & intermediate Spanish

Customer Love for Michelle

"Michelle really truly made this the best experience and we got amazing photos from her! We would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a photographer in Melbourne." - Sarah (see blog post)